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Let’s talk about inspiration for a minute.

It is a rare day when I find myself without need of a creativity boost or quick trip to Pinterest to get my mind going in the direction I need it to. I collaborated a list of places I find inspiration when in need and hope you find the same artistic relief as I do.

fargofashion(1)_submittedI’m starting off with cupcakesandcashmere.com simply because I owe them for inspiring me to start my own blog. Emily Schuman, the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere, is not only a style or fashion blogger but she also writes about life, recipes, DIY projects, parties, advice and even home decor.

As a high schooler, I found this eye-opening as it directed me toward the life and career I wanted to have. Schuman also hosts videos where readers send in questions on lifestyle, cooking and other trends that want to be achieved the Cupcakes and Cashmere way.

Moving on, I wouldn’t be 100-percent honest with you if I don’t admit, I find Pinterest as one of my go-tos for inspiration on anything. Whether it be recipes, parties, decorating, styling, hair or makeup and even gift giving, Pinterest is like the stylish and trendy aunt that knows everything.

PHOTO-SPOTLIGHTI have an 85 percent success rate with their recipes, and when I am in a style rut, I mosey on over to my style board and give myself a reminder of what I found was on point for this season and interpret it. Not to mention, it cools my heels when shopping. If I see a piece that is increasingly showing as a basic and not a trend, it helps me consider whether I should invest or not.

Next is a global forum called Lookbook for fashionistas and stylish dudes that can get together and share their #ootd’s in a timeline filter much like Facebook.  Those images then can be hyped so they are essentially voted to the top of the “Hot” page.  You can also search lists by country, brands or user.  It’s a real view into international fashion and how trends are interpreted or conveyed from Canada, Switzerland, Russia or China.

Lastly, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram has learned how to make a successful business with millions of pictures.  To piggyback off the blog inspiration, many bloggers then create an Instagram account with their blog name and feature even more pictures related to their URL, enhancing and improving their brand and providing their readers with even more visuals.

Whether it’s an individual on the street, a website or a blog, take the inspiration and run with it.

You never know what you can come up with or create, and that’s the most surprising thing about inspiration is it can come full-circle and become inspiration for someone else too.

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