Top shelf experience at an affordable price

Twist stuns with a casual setting and fine dining

Blueberry and basil cocktail.

A well lit five-story wall of liquor greets you whilst walking into Twist. Located on Broadway nestled between Other’s and Atomic Coffee, this is a cocktail bar you can’t miss. Twist’s slogan, “drink and dine differently” perfectly describes what the menu has to offer. The atmosphere is nothing but class in a casual setting. After taking a seat at the bar I was handed a drink menu by a bartender with an inviting smile that goes by the name Collin (New Collin or Collin number two) who, I would later end up interviewing.  

The menu had a long list of cocktails, beer, wine, gin, and an endless amount of other drinks to choose from. With the end goal of making sure their customers left with grins on their face (either from the delectable food or the strong drinks, whichever one’s preferred).  

The Black & Basil Cocktail is described as a “dark rich and fruity drink with a sour and fresh taste” made with gin, basil, lemon juice, and black/blueberry shrub. Collin (the bartender) created my drink and placed it in front of me. I was stunned by the presentation and dimensions of taste.  

I started to chat with Collin and Josh and asked them questions pertaining to the lifestyle of a bartender and what drew them to the profession. Josh later telling me in the interview he’s one of the owners of Twist. 

“First off, do you go by the title of a mixologist or…? 

“No, I like to be called a bartender. People who say they’re mixologists are typically douche bags.” – Josh 

“No, bartender for me the term ‘mixology’ is yeah, *both shaking their heads agreeing* for douche bags.” -Collin 

“Did you have bartending experience before Twist?”  

“Yes, my first job was actually at The Empire.” *stated with a laugh* -Josh 

“Yes, *nodding his head* my first bartending job was at Mexican Village making the pre-packaged margaritas if you can only imagine what that was like.” -Collin   

“Was this your original plan in life?” 

“No, no, no I graduated NDSU with a degree in Landscape Architecture. I couldn’t imagine sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life.” -Josh 

“I tried out school for a while and decided it wasn’t for me.” -Collin 

“So, what do you like about being a bartender?” 

“People, the social atmosphere, expressing creativity by mixing amazing drinks and trust me, the drinks are always good. I get to see some great people every night and it always ends up being a fun party by the end of the night.” -Josh 

“Definitely the people aspect of it and it takes a lot of skill a lot more than throwing random alcohol together.” -Collin 

This next line of questions was asked to Josh about having part-ownership of Twist.

“What gave the idea to open up Twist?” 

“Well I actually didn’t open up Twist. I always wanted to open a bar growing up. I got involved with Twist two years after it opened and took part-ownership of it then. The original owner now does the business side of things.” – Josh 

“Ok lastly, What’s your favorite drink on the menu?” 

“Oh hmm… * lists different types of alcohol* I don’t have a favorite it depends on my mood.” – Josh 

Overall, my experience at Twist was delightful with the rest of the night being filled with a couple of different cocktails, a delectable cinnamon bourbon and always essential when having a night out, water.  

Going to Twist is like being transported to a late-night realm of top-shelf liquor with a casual ambiance. Customer’s leave at the end of the night thinking that everything, has a bit of a “twist” to it. Of course, in the most desirable way possible. Happy hour is from 3 p.m to 6 p.m. and I suggest you don’t miss it. 

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