Today’s TV equals Garbage

We all have that special place in our heart reserved for the shows we used to watch on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network.

These were the channels we grew up watching. Saturday morning cartoons or waiting for that special day of the week to come around so you could watch the new episode of your favorite TV show. This was all in the past, though.

Sadly, I have some bad news. These channels have gone to shit. My apologies to the younger generation because for some reason producers no longer seem to care about quality television. Instead of the fantastic television shows that we all got to experience in the early 2000s you get crap. We got Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven and Drake and Josh. Do parents not care that their children are watching garbage? Personally, I remember that my parents used to love our TV shows so much that they would sit down and watch with us.

Yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking what does this matter to me? But I just want to point out that a large majority of the garbage shows that today’s children watch are available on Netflix. While our gold mine of a selection of TV shows are nowhere to be found. I’m sure you can search the web and eventually stream them on a website that will turn your computer into a virus ridden cesspool. But why do that when they should be available to stream on Netflix?

Maybe all of these shows are still hidden away because the producers know that we had much higher quality entertainment and don’t want to shame themselves for the crap they produce today. Or maybe we haven’t fought hard enough to be able to spend a Saturday streaming our favorite old TV shows all day long.

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