Student Government Cuts Tier II Budget

More budget cuts are coming to North Dakota State.

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple made a Feb. 1 announcement for all state agencies to cut 4.05 percent from their budgets due to a slumping in oil and agricultural industries. In its allotment proposal, NDSU filed a Feb. 11 budget to cut $6.4 million while delaying and reevaluating funds.

Jay Homan, student government’s executive commissioner of finance, announced in a Listserv to student organization leaders Tuesday that student senate had voted to cut 12 percent of funding to all tier II student organization budgets for the 2017 fiscal year. The 2017 fiscal year begins July 1.

The cuts come in just over a month after the student fee advisory board voted down the proposed fee increase for the student activity fee, along with several other fee proposals from different NDSU entities.

The fee increase would have been allocated to fund tier II student organization budgets. Without the increase, student government was “unable to meet the requested amount of funding for tier II student organizations,” Homan said in his email.

Funding cuts to student organizations were “absolutely necessary” because the necessary funds were not present, he wrote in his email.

For the proposed fiscal legislation to receive approval from student senate, a contingency clause was added to the legislation to make it possible for the next fiscal year’s executive commissioner of finance to reimburse up to the full 12 percent budget cut based upon stored rollover funds that carry from fiscal year to fiscal year.

“(Rollover funding reimbursement) is not something that should be planned on, therefore, you must plan for the year under the assumption that this 12% budget cut will not be reimbursed,” Homan said in his email.

Both Homan and assistant executive commissioner of finance Mason Wenzel were unavailable to talk to The Spectrum at press time.

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