This Week in Student Government

President Dean Bresciani’s contract extension came into the spotlight during Sunday’s student senate meeting.

Members of student government present at the meeting reached a general consensus of support for the extension of President Bresciani’s contract with North Dakota State.

Members expressed support for the extension of President Bresciani’s contract and listed reasons for their support such as his know-how of NDSU affairs and the fact that he has cut costs by approximately one million dollars.

While there was general support for this resolution, the members in attendance at the meeting decided to postpone a vote until the next meeting to make any firm decisions regarding the contract extension resolution.

This was due to the fact that 11 of 34 student government members were not present at the meeting Sunday.

Present members decided that it would be a fair vote if all or nearly all members were present to voice their knowledge on the subject.

NDSU’s student senate meets at 6:30 p.m. Sunday nights in Memorial Union.

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