Things to do in the summer sun

A bucket list to check off during the summer break

Much of the school year is spent in anticipation for summer. It’s a great time of year for students to relax and do fun things.

As most people make plans for summer and excitement grows, some are lost on what to do and can waste the precious time we get in North Dakota with the sun shining. For these people, or for those wanting more in their summer, this bucket list is sure to help.

Don’t work your summer away

While most of these items are things to do, it is important to keep in mind this big thing not to do.

Summer may seem like the perfect time to nonstop work and bring in plenty of money to help you through the school year. However, if you don’t take the time to breathe, you’ll come to regret it.

You don’t want to spend the entirety of summer missing out on fun times with friends or burning out, so remember to take some time for yourself.

Go hammocking

Well, maybe not specifically hammocking, but be sure to spend some relaxing time outdoors. If you don’t own a hammock, or it’s not your style, you can also stargaze, go to a park, check out your local zoo or take a blanket and sit outside enjoying nature.

Make sure to get plenty of fresh air this summer to ensure you enjoy the weather while you still can and ensure you will have the time you need to relax.

Deep clean your room

While we all expect summer to be bright and sunny, some days aren’t the best. For these days, it’s beneficial to be productive.

Whether you need a place to put everything you brought home from school or sort through what you have, a deep clean can not only get you organized but it can also lighten your load for the next time you need to move.

Go camping

Sometimes it’s not enough to just spend the day outdoors, and it can be a lot of fun to take a weekend away from all distractions and just spend some time with friends or family. Plus, if you’re camping near a lake, there’s the added benefit of swimming or canoeing.

Take a road trip

Now, while road trips with family can be fun, I’d specifically recommend this one to be with friends. Whether it’s going to a town you’ve never been to before that’s only half an hour away, or driving cross country, this is a great way to bond and make fun memories with friends.

Some good ideas include going to the Black Hills to see Mount Rushmore, going to Canada for the fun of seeing another country, or even heading to the West Coast to see the ocean views North Dakota can only dream of.

Have a movie marathon

There’s truly nothing like spending the afternoon wrapped in blankets with a bowl of popcorn and your closest friends. Doing a movie marathon with friends is a fun way to save money by not going to the theaters and being able to yell at the TV to your heart’s content.

Some great recommendations include a chick-flick marathon, “Star Wars” or the “Avengers.”

Learn a new skill

In summer, you have three months to make the most of before your time is once again filled with classes and homework. One thing great to do is learning something new. Whether you’ve always wanted to play the guitar, juggle or learn to code, summer is the perfect time to set aside and build your resume.

Summer isn’t just time to waste sitting and doing nothing. Summer is full of opportunity that you just have to take advantage of. So whether you do all or just one of these things, make your summer memorable and full of adventures.

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