Homeless People Are People Too

PHOTO COURTESY | THOUGHTCATALOG.COM Two homeless people read negative tweets about the homelss.
Two homeless people read negative tweets about the homeless.

You have probably heard of Jimmy Kimmel’s segment “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” and thought it was humorous or chuckled.

However, when things are switched around, it might not be seen as all that funny.

A Canadian charity went around and asked homeless folks to read tweets people had posted about them and found the results were not funny at all.

They were the exact opposite: awful and hurtful. Sometimes it is hard to understand why others would feel the need to say something like that or post it on the Internet. It is not a laughing matter.

I doubt anyone who posted those hurtful messages online would not want the same to be said about them.

It is truly frustrating that some people don’t understand the situation others could be in. Regardless of whether someone has a home, they are still people and should be treated like people. They should not be made the end of someone’s post on social media.

Even if they might not be able to see them, it still applies: Treat others how you want to be treated.

If I were to post something rude or disrespectful about anyone online, I would never hear the end of it from my parents. What is posted on the Internet is out there for everyone to see.

One of the most hurtful tweets, the one that should get a response out of everyone was: “If home is where the heart is, does that mean homeless people are heartless?”

That post should incite a similar response of frustration from a majority of people. It is not right. It’s awful to even think about saying to someone.

It really puts things into perspective about how cruel some people can be. There are tons of reasons people could end up homeless: debt, mental illness, a family tragedy just to name a few. You do not know why things are the way they are in a person’s life.

While Jimmy Kimmel’s segment is for some laughs, this Canadian charity had an idea to send out a bigger message. The article itself states “while it was heartbreaking watching the folks in the “Homeless reading mean tweets” video confront the nasty misconceptions that too many have about the homeless, here’s hoping it helps re-frame the way we think about the homeless and the aid they need and deserve.”


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