There is No Question: Dogs Are Better

Look at this gentle giant.

Dogs versus cats, there’s always a preference. Let’s be honest though, dogs are better.

Don’t get me wrong, I like both animals, but dogs are amazingly adorable. I get it. People are different, so they like each for different reasons, but dogs are better.

Dogs are high maintenance, yes, but people forget that just because cats have a litter box does not mean they are low maintenance. You still have to put up with their bulls—.

Don’t get me wrong: dogs can be bad just like cats. Plus, they’re bigger so they’re even more to deal with. They bark, whine, pee on you, etc. But cats, they claw at you and push things off the counter for no reason. Obviously, dogs can hurt you more than a cat, and more often than not you hear about dog attacks more than cat attacks.

Listen, I’ve been bitten and scratched by a dog multiple times, but when a cat attacks you, you can see the evil in their eyes. When you yell at a dog, you can see how upset they get; they feel bad most of the time. Yell at a cat? Sure, they may wince a little, but most of the time they say a big f— you and walk away.

People automatically like dogs better because most know dog breeds. They can see a dog and say, “Hey, that’s a yellow lab,” but if someone sees a cat they will most likely just say, “Oh, it’s gray and white.” This shows people care more to know more facts about dogs rather than cats.

So, which would you rather have: a loyal, protective and unconditional love by a dog, or a cat that can be loyal? They might protect you, and maybe they will love you (unless they’re pissed). Notice how cats could do these things while dogs show their affection no matter what.

Really, just look up dog photos versus cat photos. Dogs look so happy, and cats are just pissed at the world.

Imagine cuddling with a dog for hours. Now imagine cuddling with a cat for hours. Oh, you can’t imagine cuddling with a cat? That’s because they end up scratching you halfway through.

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with dogs. I’ve always loved them unconditionally, but when you start to compare the two, it’s obvious why dogs are better.

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