The Worst Species on Earth

Human beings’ activities on this Earth have caused irreversible damage.

Humans are the worst species on planet Earth and that is a fact. Many people will disagree with me on this and say that animals such as scorpions, termites and snakes are worse. To these people, I say, “That’s exactly what a human would say.”

Everything good that we have ever done has started from the human brain, but so has every bad thing. Basically, every bad thing to happen in Earth’s history is the fault of humans.

Even the “good things” we’ve created have proven to be bad for the rest of the Earth. One of the most impactful inventions of humanity is the Gutenberg printing press. The press made literature far more available to people throughout the entire world and was far more efficient than having a scribe copy page after page.

While the press helped take literacy to higher levels and develop culture, nobody took into account the environmental effect that the mass production of paper would have. Ever since the press came into existence, paper has been littered on our streets and has led to more and more pollution as the years go by.

While the press is only one example of an invention causing damage to our earth, believe me, there are many others. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane emission rates have all more than tripled since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

No other animal on Earth contributes to pollution. Animals do not pollute because they are dependent on the environment for survival. Therefore, it is not in their nature to pollute. Animals do not seek cures, culture or travel. They seek survival. No animal is motivated by unnatural factors while humans are.

If an animal’s actions are purely based on instinct and survival, then nothing they do can be considered bad because all they are doing is following the laws of nature.

Our big brains are what have caused all of this. Humans do not depend on the environment for survival. They depend on other human brains. Humans shop in stores for food that is grown miles away from the stores they are sold at while animals eat it where they find it. The easy availability that we have to all of the tools necessary for survival has caused our brains to wander.

Ever since survival has become something we take for granted, we’ve basically pushed that motive for behavior to the back of our minds. Humans (especially those in advanced countries) have all but completely abandoned survival instincts to add more room for greed, anger, lust and other behavioral motives that do not come naturally to other animals.

After reading this you may feel bad. You may even agree with me that humans are the worst species. Humans have been the worst due to our vulnerability to corruption. Every day humans do terrible things not only to each other but also to the entire earth. While our brains may be a curse, they are also a blessing. Lions, ants, grass and birds are all perfect citizens of this Earth, but no single lion can influence all lions like one single human can influence all humans.

Humans may be the most vulnerable to corruption, but we are also the most open to change and inspiration. Humans have the power to change the world around us like no other animal does. While the brains of the fair-minded have proven to be a gift, the brains of the evil have continued to cause harm to us and all that surrounds us. We are, historically, the worst species with the greatest gifts. Make the best of it.

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