The Turf is Back

The Bison Turf plans to open its doors to North Dakota State football fanatics just in time for the Homecoming game.

After waiting months for a building permit, the Turf is being built back up to the best version of itself, saving only the original brick corners of the building and the original booths.

The updates include three bars, each with twelve beers on tap, a wooden second floor deck made from teak wood from South America and freshly tiled bathrooms.

The second floor deck provides a view of NDSU’s President’s House and the alumni center, plenty more of campus and the NDSU area can be seen.

The kitchen has been moved to be more centralized to accommodate the second floor deck.

Pete Sabo, owner of the Turf, is excited to open his restaurant’s doors again after a year of being shut down.

Sabo bought the Turf from the original owner when he was 93 years old and plans to keep the Turf until he’s 100 years old.

As he recalled the old Turf, he remembered the dry rot and other problems the old building had.

The fire, despite frustration with obtaining a building permit, has given Sabo a chance to create the Turf he always wished for.

The repairs and renovations to the Turf will cost about $1.2 million once everything is said and done, but the painting and restocking still needs to take place before the doors can open.

The alcohol alone that the Turf normally keeps stocked to accommodate its normal business costs about $100,000.

With 125 more seats in the new Turf, Sabo is working to accommodate the new potential.

With the same menu, the same pricing and the same staff, Sabo is ready for Homecoming.

“I foresee this being in my family forever and part of the NDSU community,” Sabo said.

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