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The Spectrum’s Most Important News Stories of the Year

The 2013-2014 school year was an exciting time at NDSU.

The Spectrum compiled its 10 most important news stories of the year. The summarized stories represent those with the biggest impact on campus life, students and faculty during the year.

1. Basketball makes second round of March Madness

NDSU is considered a football school, but when the Bison men’s basketball team won its first ever NCAA March Madness tournament game against the No. 5-seeded Oklahoma in Spokane, Wash. on March 20, the tables were turned.

Football success at NDSU is a given at this point, but when the Bison battled with Oklahoma in an overtime thriller, the excitement and energy felt by fans was arguably more intense than when The Herd stampeded over Towson.

The win had plenty of lasting effects; for one, it put NDSU basketball on the map. Perhaps the biggest effect, however, was the loss of head coach Saul Phillips to the University of Ohio.

2. Football team wins its third national title

NDSU’s third national title in as many years meant the Bison football team is one of the most accomplished teams in FCS history.

The third consecutive trip to Frisco excited fans who took over the Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. It was also the last game coached by Craig Bohl, who accepted a job at the University of Wyoming.

The national title, 15-0 season, big win over Kansas State and an ESPN College Gameday appearance mean the Bison are not just a middle-of-the-road Midwestern team but a college football powerhouse.

3. Tuition Increase

Because of the state’s failure to fully fund its share of higher education costs at NDSU, students will make up the $3.5 million shortfall next year when President Dean Bresciani will increase tuition across the board by 4.23 percent.

The State Board of Higher Education approved the future increases when it raised the tuition limit increase in April. Bresciani told the SBHE the increase was necessary to fully fund all of NDSU’s programs.

Meanwhile, the state continues its tremendous economic growth and the North Dakota University system will see $180 million in new construction and other projects at its 11 schools.

4. Coaching Changes

There are some new faces at the head of three NDSU athletic teams.

The biggest coaching change was perhaps the decision by football head coach Craig Bohl to accept an offer as the head coach of the University of Wyoming football team before the Bison took on the Towson Tigers in their third consecutive national title.

Bohl was one of the most successful coaches in NDSU history, and he created a football dynasty many believe will carry on with new coach Chris Kleiman.

Men’s basketball coach Saul Phillips also departed after a successful season. His teamed reached the third round of the NCAA Tournament. He accepted an offer from the University of Ohio.

Assistant coach Dave Richman replaced Phillips. This will be Richman’s first head coaching job.

Women’s basketball coach Carolyn DeHoff resigned after her lackluster tenure as head coach. She was replaced by Penn State assistant coach Maren Walseth.

5. NDSU Tackles Low Diversity

NDSU was named one of the least diverse universities in the country by a U.S. News and World Report ethnic diversity report.

Officials at the school said they are working to attract a more diverse population of students, but many challenges exist, including the weather, the low diversity of the state and limited financial resources.

NDSU’s white student population currently sits at 80 percent. Many students said the lack of diversity is noticeable, and many don’t think the school is doing enough to change the situation.

6. Server Attack

The North Dakota University System sent notice to students, faculty and staff when suspicious access to one of the system’s servers was detected in February.

News of the server attack wasn’t released until March.

Data contained on the server included names and social security numbers. Officials said they didn’t believe any of that information was taken, and the culprit infiltrated the server for use as a launching point for phishing attacks

7. Alcohol at the Fargodome

NDSU student government officials floated an idea to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages during football games to curb binge drinking before the game.

While some said they were open to the idea, including the Fargodome management, others were skeptical of the idea.

President Bresciani and administration balked on advancing the idea. Others with issues included community members and employees of the dome.

8. Off-Campus Police Arrangement With Fargo Sparks Debate

An agreement between the City of Fargo and the University Police drew a challenge from a few lawyers who questioned whether or not the campus police should have jurisdiction off campus.

The question of revenue from NDSU’s off-campus enforcement came up; some questioned if the state was inadvertently funding the Fargo Police Department.

Fargo Police chief Keith Ternes and NDSU University Police and Safety Office director Raymond Boyer said the agreement does not favor one party over the other.

The agreement, which is about 20-years-old, is currently under review by higher education officials in the state.

9. Rugby Team May Lose Field

After months of lobbying for student government funds to help repair the NDSU Rugby team’s field, the club sport was delivered a major blow.

Team members say the field is in very poor condition, and visiting teams don’t want to play on it.

Not only did the student government not have enough money to fund renovations, but the team was notified by owners of the field to tell them the land may be developed.

The team is currently looking for alternatives.

10. Break-ins Near Campus

In November, a series of break-ins rattled the NDSU community.

The series of robberies had students and police on high alert.

In response, the NDSU police and Fargo Police increased patrols in the area the break-ins occurred.


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