The Redemption of ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’

EA enriches gameplay, saves game

A while back, many fans of the Star Wars franchise were upset about how Electronic Arts (EA) was treating the Star Wars game license and were also upset with Disney’s mismanagement of the movie franchise.

While I am still wholly against what Disney has done and the nefarious business practices of EA, I am extremely happy to say that the video game “Star Wars Battlefront II,” published by EA, has emerged into my life once more, and I believe it is there to stay.

When “Battlefront II” released in November 2017, I wanted to be mad. I tried really hard to remember how EA treated its customers and what it had done with other potential Star Wars games we may never see again.

Then I started playing.

My first time ever in the game was as an Imperial Stormtrooper gunning down rebel scum. I could not help but smile as I played and became even happier when I took on the role of droid forces for the Confederacy of Independent Systems (my favorite faction).

Then after a while, I lost interest. That is because after only a few battles, I felt I had done everything the game had to offer. I stopped playing for a while before re-downloading the game at the end of last school year.

The game at this point was filled with poor optimization, glitches and bugs. To be fair, EA was making good on its promises of free DLC, and there were a lot of new things they had added to the base game, such as new maps and heroes.

Now, we get to the present day “Battlefront II.”

This last weekend a friend of mine really wanted to try “Battlefront II” out. So, I re-downloaded Origin (EA’s gaming platform) and got the game back onto my computer. I logged in and let my friend go to town.

My goodness, the game was as epic as when I last played it, but with way more content to offer and less problems.

In the combined playtime of my friend and myself, we experienced no glitches, no lag, no bugs, no frame rate drops and, as expected, the most beautiful graphics for the many characters and environments.

The greatest thing for me was seeing the newer units and heroes that can be deployed on the battlefield. General Grievous, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are now a part of the game and can instill equal amounts of fear in their enemies and morale for their allies.

There have also been two new specialist classes that have been added. One of them happens to be the Commando Droid, my favorite droid soldier. Armed with a specialized blaster, smoke grenades, a vibrosword and the ability to see through walls to find unlucky clone soldiers to eliminate, this droid feels powerful and is extremely deadly.

To counter the Commando Droid is the ARC Clone Trooper, a special force unit of the Grand Army of the Republic that wields dual pistols. It is otherwise the equivalent of the Commando Droid, but the ARC Clone Trooper has access to a shock trap that can fry enemies with a bolt of electricity after being triggered.

Another positive that I found upon re-downloading “Battlefront II” is the new “Capital Supremacy” game mode.

This mode is a call back to the “Star Wars: Battlefront II” from 2005. There are a few problems, such as key vehicles missing and somewhat repetitive gameplay, but I can ignore these for now as it is fun to shoot a lot of people then blow up an enemy capital ship.

EA has made plenty of blunders and is still doing so, but I must admit that “Battlefront II” is a fun and beautiful work of art that I will be holding onto for the foreseeable future.

The developers and artists behind the game have put a lot of work into this game, which has made “Star Wars Battlefront II” an extremely enjoyable game to play.

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