The Outdoor Outlook

Everyone knows that the winters in North Dakota are brutal and tough to enjoy at times. However, North Dakotans know they are tough, so they go out and endure the cold to enjoy the winter activities they love.

It can be dangerous to go out in the frigid temperatures, but if you know how to dress properly and to pack the right survival gear, you will have a great experience and be prepared for the worst to happen.

A tough question people ask themselves daily is, “What to wear today?” The key to dressing properly for the outdoors is to layer your clothing. You can always shed a few pieces of clothing if you get too hot.

The first layer is called the base layer. The base layer is lightweight clothing that will help wick away moisture away from the body. A typical article of clothing for this is thermal pants and a long sleeve shirt.

The second layer, the insulation layer, will help keep body heat in and cold air out. A piece of clothing that works best for this is a wool or fleece sweatshirt. Those two are both great insulation layers because they don’t absorb moisture, and they do a great job of keeping the cold out.

The third and final layer is the protection layer. This layer, consisting of a winter coat and snow pants, helps protect against the elements such as the wind and the snow.

A good winter coat is insulated and waterproof to help protect against the elements. Snow pants are a must to help keep your legs warm. Snow pants, just like the winter coat, must be insulated and waterproof to work optimally.

A winter survival kit is the key to survival if problems arise on the frozen tundra. The kit should be at easy access and lightweight since it may be carried around when out and about doing activities. It should be packed to your own needs, but there are key components that should be present in every winter survival kit.

In my survival kit, which is kept in a waterproof bag in my backpack, I have a lighter, extra water, dryer lint for fires, Band-Aids, extra clothes, a knife, rope and protein bars.

They are all very important to survival, but water and protein bars are the most essential. One can go a few days without food or water. However, in the winter the body is working harder, so you need to increase your food and water intake.

These survival kits can be bought in the store, but making your own is much cheaper and you know what you will have in your kit.

It is still important to go out and enjoy the winter, even though it is a frozen tundra. With the right clothing and a survival kit, you can make it the experience of a lifetime in the cold outdoors.

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