The Great NDSU Yell-a-thon

This kid knows how to let it all out. We could all learn a thing or two.

No one is gonna argue life’s about to get stressful. Dead week followed by finals, oh boy, it’s gonna be a passive aggressive blood bath.

I think people are starting to let all the stress, anger and bitterness build up. That’s a good way to set yourself up for passive aggressive actions, backhanded compliments and a general disregard for the well-being of yourself and others. So maybe it’s not a good thing. Maybe there’s an alternative.

There are plenty of events around campus aimed at the mental wellness of students. Things like gardening and dogs are used to give people a positive place to sink emotions. I’m no psych major, but I’m not sure that’ll cut it. I feel that some people will only open up to a negative place to let out a semester’s worth of loathing and anger. I suggest The Great NDSU Yell-a-thon.

We could host in the ballroom in the union like any other event. Everyone swipes in, chats, smiles and has an all around good time. The moment the clock hits 8:30 p.m. all bets are off. You can yell, scream and get angry in a judge free zone of other people with pent-up potential for violent crime and test related mental breakdowns.

Everyone agrees not to get physical, no one gets offended and anyone can say anything.

And at 9 o’clock, we all walk out friends. These people just gave the greatest gift of all: someone to hate. Haven’t you ever wanted to just get it out in the open? To tell a complete stranger things that would give your grandma a heart attack?

We all need a place to vent, it’s healthy. Why not do it in a consequence-free environment where anything you feel you need to say can be spat at someone you’ve never met in all its splendor?

It’s time we banded together, people. Stress is real, stress is everywhere and stress is a problem. We all get on edge and we all dance around it. Cutting off that dip in traffic because they forgot to use their blinkerĀ or telling your roommate to quite down who’s trying to eat peanuts and read will only help so much.

Do you want to get to the root of the problem? Then I have one word for you: The Great NDSU Yell-a-thon.


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