The Game Awards 2019 Predictions

Gaming’s biggest night is almost here

Gamers all over will be watching and rooting for their favorites.

Video game’s biggest night is fast approaching, The Game Awards. The Oscars (but for video games) will be airing on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m.

While there are many categories that will have obvious winners, others will have tough competition. Which games will take home the awards? Here are some predictions for the biggest categories.

Game of the Year

The biggest award of the night is probably the category with the most competition. So many great titles came out in 2019 and they are battling to the death for this coveted award.

The nominees in this category are the superhero-like action game, “Control”, the beautifully confusing walking simulator, “Death Stranding”, everyone’s favorite party fighting game, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, the cult classic remake, “Resident Evil 2”, the impossible to beat action-adventure game, “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice” and the spiritual successor to “Fallout” but in space, “The Outer Worlds”.

This award could really go to any of these stellar titles. The ones with the highest chance would have to be “Death Stranding” or “The Outer Worlds”, though “Control” and “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice” are close seconds.

Best Game Direction

This award goes to whatever game showed outstanding creative vision by the respective studios. This one has many repeats from the previous category as they were all stellar creative feats.

The nominees are “Control”, “Death Stranding”, “Resident Evil 2”, “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice” and the indie space exploration game, “Outer Wilds.”

Indie games tend to do well in these types of categories, but up against “Death Stranding”, “Outer Wilds” does not really stand a chance. Hideo Kojima is a genius when it comes to storytelling so “Death Stranding” will most likely get this award.

Best Narrative

This award obviously goes to whatever game has the best story behind it and the contenders are crazy good. It might be impossible to decide on a winner.

The nominees are the plague simulator, “A Plague Tale: innocence”, “Control”, “Death Stranding”, the detective role-playing game “Disco Elysium” and “The Outer Worlds.”

While “The Outer Worlds” and “A Plague Tale Innocence” have stellar stories, this one may also go to “Death Stranding” for its confusing sci-fi story. Although, players can actually control the story in “The Outer Worlds” so it is a strong contender.

Best Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer games are all the rage and this award is given to the very best of the year. Some great online games are present here.

The nominees are the fast-paced battle royale, “Apex Legends”, the loot shooter, “Borderlands 3”, the war game with ten-year-olds screaming in your ear simulator, “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”, the only battle royale you can get your dad to play, “Tetris 99” and the apocalyptic political shooter, “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.”

While all these games are a great time, the two that have the most chance are the battle royales. Since those are all the rage, it would be no surprise if “Tetris 99” or “Apex Legends” took the award home.

Best Ongoing Game

This is awarded to the best constantly updated game. There are some pretty great games on this list that almost everyone has heard of in some capacity.

The nominees are “Apex Legends”, the definitely not “Halo Online”, “Destiny 2”, the fantasy game you always hear about but never play, “Final Fantasy XIV”, the battle royale that literally everyone on the internet plays, “Fortnite” and the hostage simulator, “Rainbow Six Siege.”

It would be a huge surprise if “Fortnite” did not take this award home. All anyone talks about is “Fortnite”. People literally wasted a day and stared at a digital black hole because of it.

Those are just a few of the larger categories presented at the Game Awards. There are so many other categories including a whole host of Esports categories. They also have a whole host of game announcements during the show.

Check out The Game Awards on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. on almost every streaming service. You don’t want to miss out.

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