The Fight Against Abortion Continues


The normality of abortion has increased and become a reality for our culture. Abortion is not seen as wrong anymore making pro-life people out numbered, but these people continue to fight for their beliefs.

Miranda Stambler| THE SPECTRUM
Matt Walsh speaking against abortion in Century Theater

On November 7, the NDSU organization Collegians For Life brought Matt Walsh to speak out for Pro-Lifers explaining the fight that they have ahead of them against the act of abortion. He is a writer, speaker, author and a columnist for The Daily Wire, who is known for talking about the tough subject, while bringing moral values and the Christian faith into those writings.

Walsh begins the lecture about explaining “why abortion is the great moral crisis of our time.”

Even as pro-lifers believe they know about abortion being terrible, he explains that it has become a normality within our culture and that people act as though it is not happening in their day to day life. “Many of you know it’s a terrible thing, but do you really know it? Do you live as if you know it? Do you appreciate that reality?” Walsh questioned.

“I hear from pro-abortion people all the time – and they’ll ask me ‘so you think that abortion is the Holocaust of the unborn? You think that there are millions of actual people being killed?’ and I’ll be like yeah that’s right,” Walsh said.

Why is he not constantly fighting against abortion?

He referenced the movie The Truman Show and how characters wonder why Truman, the main character, has not questioned his reality. “We except the reality of the world with which we are presented,” Walsh continued, “We were born into the reality of abortion and no matter how opposed we are to it intellectually, spiritually, mentally, it is still to some extent normal to us.”

He questioned how slavery happened for thousands of years, even with people being opposed to it, they did not react the way we would in our life today, because it was normal to the people at that time. People were opposed to slavery, but not enough because it was their reality.

He goes on to explain that people have evolved; the things we believe now are our “always,” something that has always been. We consider yesterday to be our always instead of something that has been around for longer. “We tolerate the reality of abortion because it always has been as far as we’re concerned,” Walsh declared.

He explained that we imagine fantastic futures and rarely focus on our current reality. “A future with teleportation and laser guns and space travel – we can imagine that but a future without planned parenthood that’s impossible – we need it,” Walsh said.

The current reality he referenced is that “Almost 60 million babies have been killed through abortion since Roe v. Wade,” Walsh said. He then confirmed that if broadened to across the world the number would be 50 million babies killed by abortion every year.

“Now even 60 million deaths would be an unspeakable tragedy no matter how they occur, but it wouldn’t have the same effect on our soul as a nation if those children died say of starvation or disease or even as casualties of prolonged war, that would be a terrible, horrible thing, but the way these children have been killed is far worse and it warps us as people, because they’ve been killed legally, by human hands and in a little building,” Walsh said.

Those children are being killed by their parents in a building facilitated by the government, and as he says even cheered on by people.

He explained how it is lives loss and a death toll with human beings being killed. Human beings that could have been scientists, parents, doctors, teachers, etc. “Our society no longer sees life as something sacred, something beautiful,” Walsh said.

He compares abortion to murderers that have been happening in Baltimore and Chicago. He factors in that it is also terrible, but everyone knows that is terrible and that it’s not legal or applauded.

“The systematic and legal murder of children has a different effect,” Walsh explained. He focused on how this murder is legal.

He goes on to say that if some humans are not humans that humanity cannot have intrinsic value, if an entire group can be murdered institutionally, nothing about humanity can have value.

He had the audience think back to yesterday to the first day of your birth to when you were still in the womb you were still you. “If you do not have value in this moment then you do not have value here,” Walsh said. It used to be that people would want to save the baby in a burning building, but now people are saying that they should be save instead.

The most common argument is that the baby is only a clump of sells, to which Walsh gives an example to explain how “it’s such a bad, worthless, dumb argument,” Walsh explained.

He gives the example of winning a lottery ticket, but once you get in the store he eats the ticket. It was just a piece of paper, a potential, but you still look at it as though he ate the money you had won.

He said that at the point of conception, three lives are created, but only one is killed. “She is still a mother, it is just now that she is a mother to a dead child,” Walsh explained.

“I call liberalism secular Satan’s,” Walsh continued, “Because it is the worship of self.” He explained that liberals believe that nothing has the right over themselves, biology, child or anything, overall liberals are selfish in his opinion.

He explained that liberals’ belief is, “The highest thing I can hope to obtain is my own convenience and sexual pleasure,” Walsh shared.

It used to be “safe, legal and rare” but now safe and legal are the only two left because pro-abortion people call abortions empowering and think it is a celebration. This leads into the leaked videos of Planned Parenthood where an abortionist admitted that it is murder.

He explained how people are proud of their abortions, shout your abortion is a hashtag going around where most are saying that they got the abortion because they wanted to.

An audience member brings up contraception leading to abortions being a commonality. To which Walsh agreed that contraception’s are one of the reasons that have led to this reality. “Severing the sexual act from life was a desaturase thing,” Walsh said.

He then moves on to cases of rape or incest. “No buts, these buts do not negate the value of the human life in question, so you can throw out the rarest, most tragic, most gut-wrenching scenarios you like, and it will not change the answer because it doesn’t change the question,” Walsh shared.

The question always being, “Does human life have intrinsic value?” Walsh explained.

His only solution is to fight, to keep going up against pro-abortion people.

He explained how one man destroyed the Aztec community, which we’re never told that they were a terrible and satanic community. Where around 80 thousand people were killed and eaten within four days. Both this society and our society are satanic in different ways.

Many think the abortion toll would stay the same even if made illegal, but Walsh believes otherwise. The birth rate went up in Texas when they passed some regulations for abortions, he stated.

An audience member brought up syllogism, bringing up how people decide now, so transgender people decide whether they are male or female, so he asked whether he believes it is a valid principle in defying humanity.

In response, Walsh explained, “To make life itself relative – relative to our desires, what’s convenient to us and it was sort of logical we move on to family, and marriage and we make marriage relative, and then I think the last thing on the holy trinity was gender, transgenders, giving us authority, making our own biology relative to ourselves.”

Walsh explains how it is a spiritual battle, because most have the knowledge about abortions. He believes that pro-lifers must, “Make them (pro-abortion people) come face to face with the truth that they know in their soul,” Walsh explained, that it must be shown that everyone knows abortion is wrong, so it must be fought against.

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