Terrible Fantasy Advice | Week 6

Thompson is on a bad team and a bad offense, but he’s playing the Dolphins.

SLUG: Fantasy

DOP: 10/10/19

HED: Terrible fantasy advice | Week 6

SUB-HED: Don’t buy the pool, just start whoever is playing Miami

BYLINE: Philip Atneosen

BYTITLE: Staff Writer


CUTLINEs: Thompson is on a bad team and a bad offense, but he’s playing the Dolphins

Don’t buy the pool, just start whoever is playing Miami

I’ve never had a swimming pool. As a kid, I always wanted one, but now that I’m an adult, I realize what a waste of money it is. We live in the frigid north. It’s only enjoyable to use the pool when it’s warm outside, which is 5 months out of the year, at most. Even when it’s warm out, sometimes it’s raining, so it’s just not a smart investment. This situation applies to fantasy defenses.

Did you draft a defense with the intention of starting it all year? If so, you probably drafted a defense that people consider elite, such as Jacksonville or Chicago. Even those defenses have bad games. Chicago’s defense is ranked 3rd in fantasy points, but they’re on bye this week and they play Kansas City in Week 16 when you’re supposed to be in the championship. Do you really want to start a defense against the Chiefs in the playoffs? There are streamable defenses every week that can serve just as well. A perfect example is the Redskins defense, who plays Miami this week. You can swim all year round, you just have to rent.

QB – Gardner Minshew

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I know you’ve been waiting for my permission. It’s acceptable to start the Jock Strap King this week because I said so. Last week, due to game script, he set new career highs in completions, attempts, and passing yards. On the season, he’s thrown 165 passes and only one has been picked off. Just Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have lower interception rates on the season.

Jacksonville has a home matchup against New Orleans this week. The Saints’ defense has a good reputation, but they only have two interceptions this season and they give up an average of 23 points per game. This should be a competitive game in which you can absolutely start the Mustached One. He is also fortunate enough to play against Cincinnati in Week 7, so you could start him two weeks in a row if need be.

RB – Chris Thompson

This could be the last time this season I tell you to start a Washington Redskin. Regardless of the head coach and starting quarterback, Chris Thompson is this team’s safety valve. He’s recorded at least four receptions in each game this season. In PPR formats, he’s the RB21 on the season despite having no games over 15 points. Oh yeah, and did I mention that they’re playing the Dolphins this week? Adrian Peterson could also be valuable in this matchup. Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan could be focused on establishing the run game in his first game as head coach. AP has been inefficient this season, but how inefficient can a player be against the Dolphins?

WR – Dede Westbrook

DJ Chark has surprisingly become one of the best wideouts in the league in the first five weeks. Unfortunately, he’ll be lined up against shutdown cornerback Marshon Lattimore all game on Sunday, who just held Mike Evans to zero receptions. Minshew will have to look at some other receiving options in this game. Perhaps Leonard Fournette, who is nearly on a 100-target pace this season. Or perhaps it’s Dede Westbrook out of the slot, who received a season-high 11 targets last game against Carolina. The Saints pass rush is going to come fast, and it’s likely that Westbrook is the safest place for Minshew to throw the ball.

TE – Chris Herndon

Chris Herndon established himself as an effective target for Sam Darnold last season. He received a 4-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy and is set to return this week. Sam Darnold is also expected to return this week from his mono episode. Assuming both Darnold and Herndon are playing, Herndon is worth a roster spot on your team, especially if you’ve been struggling at tight end. He’s a legitimate breakout candidate and we haven’t seen anything from him this year. Based on that alone, you should take a shot on him. The Jets’ matchup at home against Dallas is pretty neutral. Look for Herndon to flash, and if he doesn’t you can drop him next week at no cost.

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