Tapestry of Inclusion honors NDSU members who encourage diversity throughout the universities community

NDSU encourages its members to promote diversity throughout the universities community

The Tapestry of Inclusion is a continuous art mosaic that represents NDSU’s members and alumni for the contribution that they bring to the university’s community.

The tapestry first started in 1993 as the Tapestry of Diverse talents. The nominated individuals weave their chosen piece of fabric through the tapestry each year.

Alison Graham-Bertolini, an Associate Professor of English Literature and Women and Gender Studies at NDSU and one of last year’s chosen nominees, wove a colorful silk scarf for her chosen piece.

“I was honored to participate in the Tapestry of Inclusion last year through the Student Activities Office,” Graham-Bertolini said.

Alison chose this particular scarf for its colors, but also for how the colors work together with the rest of the nominees’ pieces.

“It is this overlap and mingling of the colors that makes the fabric come alive,” Graham-Bertolini said. “This is an apt metaphor for what happens when we reach across our self-imposed boundaries to engage with other human beings with open hearts and minds.”

According to NDSU.edu, faculty, staff, students are chosen for their commitment to supporting and advocating for diversity and multiculturalism. Their impact and level of influence are felt locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

The nominees should show a consistent pattern of going exceeding professional motivation or take the personal initiative to create an inclusive and welcoming environment in a course of study.

Inductees should also contribute to supporting and advocating for diversity on the basis of age, gender expression/identity, mental and physical ability, race, socioeconomic status, religion, sex, sexual orientation and veteran status of the university community.

NDSU works to encourage diversity and inclusion in all areas of the university. The continuation of the Tapestry of Inclusion is one thing to keep members of NDSU’s community motivated to support and promote diversity.

“If NDSU is to continue to attract the best young talent, and the best faculty and staff to nurture that talent, then we must foster a culture in which people of all backgrounds, abilities and sexual orientations feel safe, feel free to express themselves, feel free to take risks and feel free to speak up about their concerns,” Graham-Bertolini said.

To nominate a qualifying individual, students or faculty can fill out a form and identify two other individuals to also fill out nomination forms.

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