Tapestry of Inclusion Ceremony held at NDSU

Every year faculty, staff and students are recognized for their work celebrating diversity with the Tapestry of Inclusion

On Wednesday, March 31, North Dakota State University held a Tapestry of Inclusion Ceremony. This event was to honor and recognize NDSU faculty and students who have worked to celebrate diversity on campus. The Tapestry of Inclusion is a mosaic displayed in the Union representing how important inclusion on campus is to all faculty, staff and students. 

This year was the 28th Tapestry of Inclusion and honored seven inductees. These students and staff have all been nominated as outstanding citizens with their work of inclusion on campus and the community. These inductees honored include Allye Doyle, Anthony Faris, Cindy Roholt, Kaelen Napoleon, Kayla Jones, Meghan Yerhot, Ruchi Bhardwaj and Tara Nelson. 

These Inductees have given their time and energy to ensure that students at NDSU feel welcome and at home on campus. They have also fought for the rights, recognition and acknowledgment of students through a variety of different programs and events. Many have also worked in the Fargo community to support the area. 

Ruchi Bhardwaj, a graduate student and inductee, advised, “Each of us, through respect and kindness, can extend a helping hand to people around us because we never know someone might be struggling silently and we can be a silent savior through acts of kindness and love.” She spoke that we can all help students be included on campus by not judging others and lending a helping hand. “Each individual simply by being aware, can be inclusive,” said Bhardwaj.

During the event, staff and representatives spoke on the work of the inductees and all their accomplishments in the community. The inductees also spoke on what this recognition and work in the community has meant to them. “Getting inducted made me realize that we need more leaders to enhance inclusion both on and off-campus,” stated Bhardwaj.

Allye Doyle, a senior in the Department of Communication and Inductee, said “This fight is hard, and it requires a relentless passion for other people, that’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned and tried to adapt that into every ounce of my work.” 

Many of the inductees are also involved in clubs around campus. Although there are many clubs to support diversity and inclusion, more can be formed at NDSU. As of now, there are no Pan Asian or Asian American student organizations on campus. Kaelen Napoleon, staff of TRIO Support Services and Inductee stated, “since the clubs and organizations support inclusion, NDSU should promote the clubs and orgs to promote diversity.” Students are pushing for further funding for these multicultural programs and further promotion and support from the NDSU administration. 

“I want to remind everyone that the only way that change occurs on our campus is with a consistent majority taking a stand against inequities and racial injustices all the time, not just when an incident occurs,” said Doyle.

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