Talking Shop Between the President and the Talk Shop

Trump most likely telling his base that the media makes up fake news.

You ever feel like the world is just a bunch of yelling? Seems like every time I turn around there’s someone telling you how Trump is evil and then Trump telling you the media is evil.

Whether it’s Trump getting comfortable with this whole bombing thing, Spicer making the classic mistake of talking about Hitler or Obama gathering info to the crackle of reheated Hawaiian pizza, every day seems more politically charged than the last.

It’s kind of a good thing. People are getting informed. However, it often feels like people are getting very vocal about things to no avail.

How do I put this? It feels kind of like a toddler fight club. OK, I hear you, but bear with me. First off, neither side is right in a toddler fight club and there are no winners.

Neither side likes what the other is doing, but there is just this ineffable, singular determination to show the other who’s boss despite neither really being able to change the situation.

They square each other up on the playground, make sure the girls are watching even though girls are gross and wrestle like a slightly too heavy sack of potatoes leaned against a slightly less heavy sack of potatoes.

They both walk away feeling like they sure showed the other one to the affirmation of their friend group, let’s call it a party, who tells them the other totally had it coming. The fun part? They’re gonna do it again tomorrow, and this time they’re really gonna learn.

Sure, the teacher may come up once in a while to scold one of our toddler tough guys for hanging out with the creepy Russian kid, but when the law goes lax it’s back to cats and dogs.

Now at this point, you may be asking, “Who is this guy to comment on our president’s media relations?”

Well, my last article reviewed fast food, so that’s not completely unjustified. To me, it just seems like an unproductive back and forth where everyone is angry and it’s becoming less and less clear why. Kind of like an episode of “The Real Housewives of Wherever the Hell” but less about that skank, Katrina, who rubbed against my man at the club and more to do with the hearts and minds of the American people.

I just think it’s interesting we live in a day and age with this kind of back and forth between the press and the president.



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