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Widen Personal Education with Non-Major Specific Courses

Walk through any engineering department and you will see students doing hours of analysis and data acquisition. This was my life for about three and a half years. I had such a narrow mindset of what other majors did and experienced on a daily basis.

Quite frankly, I never knew anything else. So I jumped on an opportunity to take a class in a different major in my last semester on campus. I was skeptical at first as I was delving in an experience that was completely foreign to me.

I was taking my first class in Barry Hall and studying commodity trading strategies. As the semester went on, I became extremely grateful for the experience as it opened my eyes to another way of thinking.

I was able to better myself as a person by becoming more knowledgeable on a subject I previously did not know much about. I also met people ranging from faculty to students who will help me network for years to come.

almost laugh at the fact that I was so unwilling in the beginning to take anything outside of the engineering curriculum as I had such a good experience this past semester. I was always so involved in my own major I never really had the notion of what other majors experienced until I dabbled in classes other than engineering.

This experience started out almost by mistake turned into one of the better educational experiences during my time at NDSU. I knew so little of other majors that I am almost embarrassed how little I know outside the College of Engineering.

I still know little, but I feel better about the fact that I was able to experience the day-in-the-life of a non-engineering student. It gave me a new mindset to make educated decisions in situations that I previously had negligible experience.

Stick your neck out there and experience other branches of education. It will not only widen your educational experience, but help you take full advantage of your time in college.

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