Living Poor

North Dakota State hosted a poverty simulation Tuesday, Oct. 2 in the Great Plains Ballroom. The students and faculty were able to get a glimpse of how a family living in poverty is able to navigate their economic issues….


We all ask the same question at some point in our lives: why doesn’t the government print off a bunch of money and distribute it to everyone? This is not a stupid question. In fact, it is a seemingly…


College is a time for learning. A time for growing. A time for crunching numbers and making that loaf of bread last for the rest of the week. Welcome to college in the 21st century, where it is almost as…

poverty simulation

Playing the Impoverished

Students participating in the NDSU Poverty Simulation were given one main guideline: This is not a game. Grouped into “families,” students received character and family background information in a packet. They were asked to fill those roles accordingly, whether…