T Lofts 2 Lease-Signing Event Draws Early Crowd

Students lined up in below zero weather this week for a chance to sign leases for the brand new T Loft 2 Apartments near cam­pus, which are slated to open August 2014.

The first phase of the T Loft Apartments includes 102 units and has been at full ca­pacity since it opened its doors in August 2011. Now, 79 additional units will be added on in what is referred to as “phase two.”

Roers is the local firm responsible for T Loft Apartments’ development, construc­tion and property management. When leases became available for the original apartment building in 2011, Roers marketing director Brianne Hoffman said the response was un­believable.

Neither T Loft phase has had a wait­ing list. Instead, Hoffman said Roers has encouraged everyone to attend their first-come, first-serve events.

They instructed interested renters to come early and come prepared.

In 2011, prospective tenants began filling Roers’s lobby at 8 a.m., four hours before the event was scheduled to begin. This year, however, students began lining up outside of Roers by 6 a.m. The company opened its doors early due to frigid temperatures.

One group of roommates camped out in their car beginning at 2:30 a.m. in order to secure one of the building’s few four-bed­room apartments.

Others woke up before the crack of dawn and were able to sign a lease for their desired apartment.

Freshmen Eric Miller and Rory David­owski arrived at 7 a.m. after grabbing Mc­Donald’s breakfast and heading to Roers. By noon they were preparing to sign the lease to their brand new three-bedroom apartment.

Roers signed 29 leases at Tuesday’s event. Individual renters and groups of roommates received numbers and were called one by one to begin the process.

Freshman Brianna Wolf and her two roommates arrived by 7 a.m., got their num­ber and returned to Roers later in the day. According to Wolf and roommate Kayla Lindeman, the wait was worth it.

“They’re right by campus and they’re new. It’s nice to be the first one living in it,” Wolf said.

Hoffman said she was pleased with how the second lease-signing event turned out.

“It’s just been such a tremendous re­sponse from phase one all the way into phase two,” Hoffman said. “We knew going into phase two we would see just as much of an interest because word of mouth has spread.”

The two phases will be connected and are essentially the same with a few minor differences.

After surveying tenants over the last few years, Roers decided not to include balco­nies in the new units. Hoffman explained tenants expressed a greater desire for more interior space instead.

The addition will also include under­ground parking, but only 35 spaces will be available.

Finally, T2 will include an additional fit­ness room and a study room on two different floors since 90 percent of the residents are NDSU students.

“We’ve listened to what the tenants have said and tried to incorporate as much as we can into the new phase,” Hoffman said. “An upside of not doing the whole project at once is being able to make those changes and modifications for phase two that may help retain our tenants.”

The second was not an afterthought, however. Roers intended to create T Lofts in two separate stages from the very beginning. They waited to demolish their Westbrook Apartments that existed directly east of the T Loft property.

Hoffman said their goal is to make the two phases into one unified building so they look as if they were constructed all at once.

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