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Student Senate Recommends Making Social Security Numbers Visible Online

The NDSU student senate voted unanimously to approve a recommendation to support an effort to make social security and national ID numbers visible to students via the Campus Connection online portal during their meeting on Sunday.

The resolution said that the numbers are important for students to have access to because if they put the wrong numbers when filing taxes, mistakes can lead to fines for the student and the university. In 2011, fines for mistakes related to filing 1098-T forms, tuition statement tax documents, totaled $48,000.

The information provided would help streamline the 1098-T process, the resolution says.

The senators that spoke on the resolution, including off-campus senator Cassie Hillen and College of Business senator Jon Lipp said they understood the information was sensitive but said security measures would be put in effect to prevent the accidental sharing or abuse of information that could be unmasked.

The resolution suggested there should be a multi-step process that would require redirecting to a separate page.

“The NDSU student government supports NDSU administrative staff in this change to ensure that the institution and students are not unnecessarily fined for lack of compliance with the IRS,” the resolution said.


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