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PHOTO COURTESY | JORDYN MESKAN Alex Maki of the Ping-Pong Club prepares to return a serve.

Wednesdays, aren’t always fun. In fact, they can get quite long. It’s that day of the week that says, “Congrats, you’re halfway there,” while also reminding you, “the week’s not over ‘til it’s over.”

While some may feel doomy and gloomy on Wednesdays, the Ping-Pong Club uses them as the perfect day to kick back and enjoy some good old table tennis.

Founded by four members during the 2016 spring semester, every Wednesday evening a group of students meet in the basement of the union to enjoy friendly games of Ping-Pong. Since its humble beginnings, Ping-Pong Club has grown into a group of Ping-Pong enthusiasts.

It offers students the chance to get together once a week to play fun Ping-Pong matches in a low-stress environment. Alex Maki, a junior member of the Ping-Pong Club, loves the casual atmosphere.

“It’s like a ‘hang out with your friends on a Friday night’ kind of atmosphere,” Maki said.

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Throughout the semester scores, are generally recorded. At the end of the semester, the Ping-Pong Club has a final tournament set up according to the semester standings.

Maki encouraged students to get involved with Ping-Pong Club because it’s an opportunity to meet new people in a laid-back setting. There is also no traveling involved, just fun evenings playing Ping-Pong with other members of the club.

Any student interested in joining Ping-Pong Club is encouraged to join their Facebook page, NDSU Ping Pong Club. In addition to joining their Facebook page, members of the Ping-Pong Club invite you to join them at their weekly meetings (which consist of playing Ping-Pong). Meetings take place from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. every Wednesday in the basement of the union.

Whether you’re in need of a little break on your busy Hump Day, or preparing for the table tennis intramural season at the Wellness Center, Ping-Pong Club may just be the organization for you.


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