Student Organization Spotlight | Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow

Communication is key to success — it allows for people to network with others and learn about topics they are interested in. Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow is an NDSU student organization that allows students to further their knowledge and network with others within the field of agriculture.

The President of Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow, Sarah McNaughton, is an agriculture communication major, with minors in animal science, extension education and equine science.

McNaughton was able to explain the goal and overall atmosphere of the NDSU student organization and how they achieve their goal of allowing students to have a space to network further into the agriculture community.

Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow focuses on helping those getting involved in agriculture and communicating within that particular field. “Our organization’s goals are to promote agriculture and equip our members to communicate effectively about agriculture in day to day life,” McNaughton explained.

To achieve their goal of communicating effectively, the club uses their resources by “being involved in multiple organizations, clubs, classes and activities on and off campus that allow us to be well versed in speaking to all types of people about all subjects,” McNaughton said.

The organization is generally for people wanting to learn about agriculture communication and further their knowledge within the field. Along with this factor, it is a good resource “to network with educators, journalists and other ag comm professionals and students,” McNaughton explained.

To further networking within the agriculture field, the organization participates in a “nationwide professional development conference with other ACT chapters, and meet students and professionals from across the country that give us internship and career opportunities,” McNaughton shared.

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Communication is essential to become successful in the field of agriculture.

Now, big events like nationwide conferences are a huge opportunity, but aren’t happening every meeting. So, what does Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow do during the regular meetings?

“At almost every meeting we have a speaker come in and share about their career with the students,” McNaughton said. “These range from radio hosts, photojournalists, professors, communication specialists, extension agents and everywhere in between.”

While many believe this organization would be compiled of only agriculture communication majors, “Most people I invite to join are surprised that we allow and welcome all majors, not just agriculture communication majors,” McNaughton said.

This being said, she then explained that they also have speakers that are not only focused on the agriculture aspect, so they are a benefit to any major, rather than only being a benefit for those within that particular major.

“We do have several non-agriculture based majors that participate, and they enjoy the speakers’ information whether they are ag based or not,” McNaughton shared.

Why join the organization? For McNaughton, she heard about the organization for a long time, therefore leading to her wanting to know more and join.

“I was inspired to join by one of my sorority sisters that had told me about that year’s PDC conference,” McNaughton explained.

McNaughton then continued to be a part of the organization because she enjoys “attending these types of events, and also the speakers are a huge bonus.”

Through this organization, students are able to not only learn and network with others, but also create new friendships and memorable moments for the overall college experience.

“My favorite memory was when we were traveling back from a conference in Oklahoma and our plane was delayed five hours. We made it a fun time and just hung out in the airport,” McNaughton shared.

When Agriculture of Communicators Tomorrow comes to mind, McNaughton summarized the whole organization in three words, “Networking. Agriculture. Growth.”

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