Student media wing

The new media wing is now in operation

The new student media wing was unveiled on August 29.

On Aug. 29 the Communications Department revealed the new home of the student media wing. The Spectrum, Bison Information Network (BIN) and KNDS Thunder Radio are now all in one location on the second floor of the Memorial Union next to the Union Gallery.

Being in the Memorial Union not only offers the opportunity for collaboration between the three student-run organizations, but it also brings the organizations closer to the student body as well. Students can feel connected to the organizations that provide the news and have input on matters that affect them. 

The event offered tours around the three locations so students could see what it feels like to sit behind the news anchor desk, work the camera equipment, and see how the green screen works. Students could also view the workplaces of The Spectrum and KNDS Radio staff as both offices were open as well.

After the open house, students were able to learn more about the organizations that produce news to the student body.

The Bison Information Network used to be located in Bison Block across the street from the library. According to Stephenson Beck, the Communication Department chair, around $60,000 will be saved from what rent cost in that location. BIN was founded in 2007 and the first television newscast was produced in December of 2009. Since then the organization has grown and now has a weekly news show that covers campus news, athletics and the weather. With the new location in the Union, students can see first-hand how the show is run. A window shows the inside of the studio to the anchor desk and green screen. Students can even watch when the cast is on air.

KNDS covers new alternative and independent music along with athletic coverage and general campus news. Students can listen to the station which is broadcasted on 96.3 FM in Fargo. KNDS was founded in 1999 and is run by the Student Broadcasting Club. Student DJs come from a variety of majors to host their own shows where they can discuss their favorite music genres.

The Spectrum has been around almost just as long as North Dakota State University has. The student-run paper first started producing papers for the student body in 1896. The archives can be found on the library’s website to be viewed today. As the times have changed, the purpose of the paper has stayed the same. The Spectrum informs the student body on what’s happening around campus and in the athletics along with an art/entertainment and opinion section. Though The Spectrum has been located in the Union for quite some time, the office was still open for everyone to view where the story plotting and editing is done. 

If interested in joining one of the organizations, check out their websites.

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