Last Week in Student Government

North Dakota State’s student senate became fully staffed as of the Sept. 11 student senate meeting.

The group appointed 11 new senators to completely fill all 34 spots on the senate.

The new senators include Grant Gunderson, Asif Arshid, Emma Ewen, Nathaniel Thoreson, Joseph Vollmer, Klarissa Walvatne, Summer Zito, Marisa Pacella, Alex Stangel, Marisa Mathews and Sawyer Heller. They filled open seats representing off campus, graduate studies, residence halls, university apartments, and the colleges of engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences, agriculture and university studies.

Student court seats are also in the process of being filled, with applications closed and an interview process pending.


Student senate passed two resolutions last week, both regarding Bison football tickets.

The first resolution issues student government’s support of releasing unclaimed student football tickets to the public to increase attendance at NDSU football games. The resolution also states student government’s support for students to be able to claim tickets up until the morning of each home football game, and states that student government should continue to support encouraging student attendance at all athletic events.

The second resolution addresses the issue of high demand for student tickets at Bison games and the increased number of students not using their claimed tickets.

The resolution said “it is unfair to students on the wait list for claimed tickets to go unused,” and thus student government resolved that it supports creating a penalty on students who claim and do not use tickets for two separate football games in one season that would prohibit said students from claiming a football ticket for the rest of the year.

University Policy

The student government also approved changes to NDSU’s University Policy 190.

The submitted policy change is to say that upon enrolling at NDSU, graduate students would grant a royalty-free perpetual license to NDSU for reproducing and publicly distributing copies of the student’s thesis, dissertation or paper.

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