Step Up and Show Yourself

Thursday, Oct. 25, the Black Student Association (BSA) held an open mic night complete with hot cocoa at the Memorial Union Gallery.

The event was the first of its kind for the organization, but holds great importance. BSA president Kweku Amusah explained, “Too often we find out there are people who are very gifted in certain aspects of their life and they are never recognized and given a chance to show it. With an event like this, it is the perfect opportunity for someone to step up and show themselves, knowing they have a supportive audience who will clap and cheer no matter what is just amazing.”

The event lasted two hours and included a variety of performances, from slam poetry to original songs with instrumental accompaniment, showcasing the wide variety of talent possessed by the club’s members.

After the scheduled performances, the stage was opened up to anyone else who felt the urge to share. Multiple club members and spectators took advantage of the opportunity, including MU Gallery director Anthony Faris.

BSA is currently planning a 2000s themed party in the near future as well as large study sessions and community service. The club’s largest undertaking is their initiative to place a majority of their members in internships with Fortune 500 companies.

Other events are designed for members to spend time with and learn from each other. Amasah also noted that the club holds self-development sessions to help members improve their resumes through the addition of community service, leadership positions and internships.

Amasah stressed that BSA is first and foremost a family where people of all forms are welcome. Those interested in joining the club should email Amasah at, talk to Ruthie in the Office of Multicultural Programs or Dr. Napoleon.

The group is also very active on their social media pages under the username NDSUBSA.

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