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Staying alive in the dead of winter

Tips on how to have an easier time in winter

When your whole world is covered in snow, you can still keep a warm attitude.

Winter can be a challenging time of year for NDSU students. Having weathered the storm of last year’s winter, I as an NDSU student would like to share some tips for how to live an easier, healthier time this winter. 

With a drop in temperature, anyone would be hesitant about spending much time outside. However, this is a great opportunity to get some fresh air, quite literally. 

If you could spend more time outside when the temperature is tolerable enough, you could probably better understand how nice it really is outside. The only catch to this is having to dress warmly, but how difficult is that? 

Part of the benefits of going for more walks outside in the wintertime is that there aren’t many other people around and the traffic is slower. Taking more walks outside would, therefore, would give more personal time away from people while still enjoying the outdoors.

Another great idea for winter has to do with traveling. If the time is available, winterizing your tires is a must. A car with tires that can’t handle the snowy roads is unreliable. For example, yours truly did not winterize his tires or replace them with stronger treaded tires last year, and he found himself making three wild trips into the nearest ditch—two of those times taking place in his own driveway. 

For your sake, please winterize your tires.

Another great idea for safe survival in winter would be stocking up on plenty of food. Staying within the comfort of your home while the weather outside is cold and uncomfortable is a much better time with lots of food. 

As the squirrels stock up for winter, so should we humans. Canned goods are great in preparation for the winter, specifically canned vegetables and soup. Thus, such food could be made easily and easily accessible without the opportunity of spoiling anytime soon.

Regarding being inside your apartment during the cold, make sure your living place is clean. A messy home is a bad place to roam.

Having spent only a few days in my apartment once the snow arrived, I suddenly realized that I can be quite messy, regardless of whether I want to or not. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend anytime outside and have an hour or two to spare, it would be nice to clean up around your home and make it look tidy.

Last but certainly not least, please do not let the cold of winter get to you. Yours truly did not turn on his heat for the first few weeks of this fall so that he could save on the electric bill. That was not smart, and all I can say for myself is that it was humbling to be the only person in all his classes who would blow his nose during a teacher’s lecture. 

Retain a positive attitude. Positive thinking is needed for having a safe wintertime. If you feel awful and angry about this, just remember that it is only temporary. Get involved with other activities on and off of campus and you will find that others feel the same way too.

Keep a good attitude and disposition, and maybe your winter will not be so cold.

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