Stay out of A. Glenn Hill after dark

Two paranormal encounters on NDSU’s campus were reported earlier this week

Some weird things are going on around campus, and the Spectrum has the evidence to prove it. 

Recall the different paranormal sights and sounds that are heard throughout the halls of Minard Hall and Ceres Hall on campus from one of our October issues. Now, there are new areas to avoid. 

The Spectrum received a few emails from some students who seemed a little spooked. From analyzing all the emails, there seems to be new paranormal activity occurring in the A. Glenn Hill Center. 

Wolfgang Mofart

Natty Lemnuts, a marketing major at NDSU, reached out after a weird occurrence in an AGHILL bathroom. 

“I was working on a project late at night with a couple of my classmates, when I decided to take a break and head to the bathroom on the first floor.”

It was around 10 p.m. when the group gathered and worked on their project in AGHILL. After reviewing the dates in order of the emails that were sent, this appeared to be the first encounter of the two. 

“I brought my phone with me as every Gen Z does and sat on the toilet scrolling through TikTok before I started my business,” Lemnuts said.

At the time, Will Smith slapping the wits out of Chris Rock filled every feed on TikTok.

“I was just laughing to myself at the memes and TikToks of the Oscars, when someone opened the stall door next to me. I found this strange as I didn’t hear the first door to the bathroom open and shut at all. At first, I thought it was because the shattering echo of the epic slap shut out every other noise,” said Lemnuts. “I was wrong.”

Lemnuts further explained that she went back to watching TikToks and tried to ignore the “eerie atmosphere.” But, she couldn’t ignore it for long.

“I didn’t hear anything else, so I kept a funny video where the song Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart played as an edited clip of Will Smith kept slapping Chris Rock over and over again. I continued scrolling through my feed when I began to notice that the same video was appearing in my feed one after another. I could not escape it.”

“I ran out of my stall horrified as the stall doors began to aggressively swing back and forth, the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers unrolled with free will and all the sinks were flowing with water. I ran for the bathroom door to escape, but it would not budge. When I turned back to the chaos, a figure appeared and started mocking the melody of the song with its horrid noises, like that of a person who hit their protein count for the day.”

The stench was so strong it knocked Lemnuts clean out. About 30 minutes later, one of her group mates came and found her and helped her report it to the campus police.

Lemnuts managed to grab a quick photo of the apparition before she passed out.

Figure captured in photograph when leaving scene.
Photo Courtesy | Hayden Austin

The ghost who cried “peanuth”

Yandrey Lantzer, a third-year business administration major at NDSU, sent an email on March 29, 2022 after a weird encounter in an AGHILL elevator. This event came only a day after the first one. 

Ghost caught in 4K.
Photo by | Hayden Austin

“I forgot some of my belongings in my classroom on the second floor earlier that day and went back later in the night after my club meeting in the Memorial Union. On my way over to AGHILL, I waved down a janitor at the end of the hallway and asked if they would let me into the building,” Yandrey Lantzer, an NDSU Business Administration major said. “Luckily, they let me in and decided to replace some of the garbage bags while I went up the elevator with her keys to get my stuff out of the classroom.”

Some may be thinking “There’s no way a janitor would let a student roam through a building alone at night.” Well, we now know that Lantzer bribed them with a pack of Marlboro’s, but that is not the real issue here.

“As I was riding in the elevator, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I made it to the second floor after five minutes and proceeded to the classroom I left my belongings in. When I stepped foot out of the elevator, I could have sworn I heard someone whisper ‘peanuts’ or something like that.”

Lantzer brushed it off and went to the classroom and grabbed his things and headed back towards the elevator. This is where things get a little sketchy.

“I pushed the button to the elevator and nothing happened, no light, no beep, nothing. Then I audibly heard someone say ‘peanuth’ as if they were right next to my ear. I’m not really sure what that meant, but as soon as it happened, the elevator door opened and I walked in.”

“Out of nowhere, a figure appeared as I turned back around to face the doors! I stood there in silence and just muttered ‘peanuth?’ The figure responded ‘peanuth’ back louder, so I responded back even louder in frustration, and before you know it I was in a screaming battle with a ghost over who can say ‘peanuth’ the loudest.”

“After what seemed like an eternity and my heart rate reaching its maximum, the elevator doors opened and the janitor stood there with a look of concern. I didn’t feel like explaining what had just happened so I continued back to my car. I haven’t had an encounter since.”

Upon further investigation, I managed to find an article of a student who passed away in that elevator after an elevator system malfunction. Cranball Justyne, a student who was known for his intelligence in the engineering department and his lisp. 

Lantzer managed to get a photograph of the figure before he escaped the horror. 

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