Starbucks Brewing In Bison Block

Casey McCarty | The Spectrum Starbucks is slated to move into the westernmost spot of Bison Block.
Casey McCarty | The Spectrum
Starbucks is slated to move into the westernmost spot of Bison Block.

There is still a future for Starbucks near the North Dakota State campus.

A Starbucks was set to arrive near campus on the west end of the Bison Block.

Starbucks’ supposed arrival on campus was set for early September, in time for the pumpkin spice trend, did not happen.

“The franchise and corporate work together on the design of the space,” Robert Gilbertson, the owner of Bison Block, said. He added there have been disagreements on the topic.

“I think that students will begin to utilize it when it comes in. NDSU does have coffee shops already in place but they have a very limited selection of coffee,” Peter Chen said, a sophomore studying biochemistry and pharmacy. Starbucks is “a name brand that people trust.”

There is currently no timeline as to when the project will be completed. Once the company passes through the design phase and pick a contractor it will take roughly “60 to 90 days once construction begins,” Gilbertson said.

“That Starbucks needs an open and spread-out layout, but because of the structure of the apartments above, the design can only feature a very narrow layout,” Chen said.

There will not be a drive-thru and few spots will be added for customers in front of the building.

Gilbertson does not have a part in the design issues that have arisen between the franchise and corporate; however any concerns that would conflict other spaces in the building and the occupants go through Gilbertson.

“Starbucks will be much more successful” than the previous business located in its place and “hopefully it will be open soon,” Carly Hansen, a sophomore majoring in psychology and English, said.

No changes in construction have been initiated in the space and there currently is not daily conversation regarding the project.

Before Starbucks, two other “mom and pop” coffee shops have existed in Bison Block.

Jitters Coffee Bar and Cafe Delight previously existed in Bison Block. Cafe Delight closed due to corporate conflicts.

Gilbertson said he hoped the process will begin within the next six months.

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