Spring Enrollment Suggests No Growth

Spring semester enrollment at North Dakota State has failed to peak over 14,000 students for at least the sixth consecutive year in a row.

NDSU’s official enrollment demographics document indicates 13,323 students enrolled at NDSU for the current semester.

Engineering remains the largest college at the university with 2,188 students, or about 16.4 percent of all NDSU students.

The college of health professions remains the second largest at NDSU with 1,881 students, or about 14.1 percent of all NDSU students.


About 1.05 North Dakota students attend NDSU for every one Minnesota student.

The two groups collectively make up approximately 88.4 percent of all NDSU students, with North Dakotans accounting for 45.2 percent of all students and Minnesotans accounting for 43.2 percent.

The two states have 6,052 and 5,757 students attending NDSU, respectively.

South Dakota is the next largest state represented by NDSU students, with 200 students coming from the state.

More NDSU students are residents of India and China than any of the other 47 unmentioned states.

There are 135 Indian students who currently attend NDSU and 122 Chinese students.

By gender

Currently, NDSU has 7,104 males enrolled and 6,219 females.

That is, males make up approximately 53.3 percent of all NDSU students, whereas females make up the remaining 46.7 percent.

There are currently no students attending NDSU whose gender is unknown.

By age

As of Feb. 7, nine students currently attend school at NDSU who are unable to vote as they are under the age of 18. Two students are enrolled at NDSU who are between the ages of 50 and 64, though there are no NDSU students who are ages 65 and older.

The bulk of NDSU students are under the age of 22. The 18-19 year-old age range consists of 3,430 students, making it the second largest range for all NDSU students. The largest age range consists of 20-21 year olds, in which there are 4,418.

Students between the ages of 22 and 29 make up 4,189 students of the NDSU student body.

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