Spreading Kindness

It’s free and always appreciated

Spread kindness this holiday season.

These days, kindness seems to be hard to come across. The news is filled with stories of tragedy and destruction and only small bits of good news. Despite all this, it is important to remind ourselves that although there is bad in the world, there is also good, and sometimes it’s where you least expect it.

Kindness for a cause

DECA is a club that exists in many high schools that focuses on future careers. The students involved in this club at West Fargo High School have been paired up with Grateful Cratefulls for a sales project. The sales project is to create West Fargo “KiND” apparel. West Fargo High Schools DECA and Grateful Cratefulls’ goal through this project is to show and recognize the kindness in the West Fargo area. T-shirts and sweatshirts can be bought online through the Grateful Cratefull’s website till November 15 or checks can be mailed to the high school. Paper orders will be accepted through February 24 and part of the profits will go to the high school. Continue to spread the kindness through West Fargo by purchasing a shirt or sweatshirt. Not only will you be supporting one of your local high schools, but also your own community. 

An act of kindness

A women and her husband who live in Moorhead were visiting the cemetery this past week to put flowers on the graves of her husband’s parents and grandma. As they were visiting the graves, a women stopped them and began a conversation. She said she was visiting the cemetery a few days ago, putting flowers on some of the children’s graves when she noticed there were some old fading flowers on some of the other graves. She explained that in seeing this she drove into the Fargo-Moorhead area and bought all new flowers for all of the graves. The couple who spoke with her said, “We were amazed and touched at her positive, kind and caring actions.” The women most likely did not know most of the people buried there, but out of the kindness of her heart she chose to do something nice for them. Kindness is contagious, and you can help to spread it too. Do something nice for someone you care about, or even a stranger. Help to create good in the world, show people it’s still there. 

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