Sports Editor’s Guide to a Fun Summer

With the final break of the school year now in the past, the focus now changes to the beginning of summer break.

The days of bright blue skies and the freedom away from the classroom, it is time to make some plans. Here are a couple of ideas for the perfect summer of sports.

Go to a road game

It is one thing to go to a home game of your favorite team. It is another to go on the road to a different venue and different fans.

And who knows, if you get bored, you and your friends can play a game, like flip cup, on the home team’s dugout.

Road tripping with a group of friends will make some great memories. It also takes some of the stresses off driving to say, Chicago.

Play a round of footgolf

It always seems like the answer to the question, “Do you golf?” is something like, “Well, some, but it is too expensive and takes too long.”

That is a sad truth about golf, but footgolf deals with those two issues. The game of kicking soccer balls in big holes is a relatively cheap alternative. Added with that is the fact that you could, in theory, just keep moving, kicking the ball as you approach.

It is a fun time. Get a group of four together and take in nine holes. To be clear, silly outfits are encouraged and you can make fun of those in your group who struggle in good fun. Just expect they will make fun of you too.

Race go-karts

Go-karts are the purest, most accessible form of racing. Most karts are easy enough to drive. A nice mixture of a good track and solid karts make for a good time.

Now, there is a difference between driving and racing. The latter has that extra edge and competitive spirit.

That spirit is what makes the racing more fun, especially when the skill levels are close.

Even if they are not, put the fastest racer in the back and make them work of the win.

There is an adrenalin rush when there is a wheel-to-wheel battle. If it is a good track that requires using the brake pedal, the battle ends by seeing who is the latest of the late brakers.

The latest gets bragging right for the rest of the summer.

Run a race

OK, maybe not a marathon. Those are a bit long and need a bit of training.

But how about a 5k? Those can be just a couple of early morning jogs worth of training.

There are few things that are as nice as a morning run. It is a great way to get outside and get fresh air.

Because things are better in groups, get a jog squad together and chat while you run. You know, if you are running and can’t talk, you may be running to fast. Besides, what is a distance race without a sprint finish.

Once again, winner gets bragging rights.

Break out the whiffle ball

The ultimate way to get some bragging rights: get a large group together and play some whiffle ball.

Prepare some nasty curveballs and infield chatter. Because what is any game that features college students without some smack talk? The chatter can be the funniest thing at times.

Just a couple of house rules. First, no charging the mound when hit by a pitch. Rather, just throw the bat at them. It is sort of an “eye for an eye” type deal.

Second, when you hit a home run, a bat flip is necessary and shout something really random about the ball getting sent to Mars.

Third — and this is optional — play the dodgeball outs with throwing the ball at the runner. Headshots are not out and rather should be treated as a ball leaving the field of play. This is the case since why should the game get too violent.

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