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Speech, Art Do Not Get as Much Praise as Sports

Let’s admit it: Speech and art do not get as much credit as sports do. And I can say from experience after spending seven years competing on a speech team.

Whether it was back in my hometown or here at the university, over the years I have noticed the speech team does not get nearly as much credit or praise as sports teams do.

Throughout high school, I had always been told speech would get you further than sports because it would help make you more comfortable talking in front of others. This would help later on for things like job interviews.

If it is so beneficial, why does it not get as much credit as it should?

Whenever people ask what organizations I am involved in, I say that I am on the speech team. Often they say they did not even know we had a speech team at NDSU.

I think that is a problem. It is a wonderful program with awesome people in it. The students who are on the team create a welcoming atmosphere and provide constructive criticism. They are there to help you.

In my opinion, speech is extremely beneficial to people. It makes giving speeches and writing papers for classes in general easier, which is something we all do.

The same goes for art. People do not believe art can be useful in the real world because they do not believe they can make money from it.

But athletes can go to the pros and make millions of dollars for one game. That is where they are wrong. Art can and has been used to create movies, story books, logos for companies and designs for magazines or newspapers.

Plus, artists can also make money by selling their art in a gallery for some sort of profit. Art allows people to express who they are.

If they are passionate about something and are pursuing it, then more power to them. Let them do it. They should not be shamed for it; they should be completely encouraged for it.

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