Spectrum Super Bowl Predictions

Taylor Schloemer – Sports Editor
Favorite NFL Team: Minnesota Vikings

I alluded to it in a column last week, but this prediction stems from the pessimism that comes with being in Minnesota. No matter what, the thoughts of actually achieving a major victory will never be fulfilled.

So sorry Eagles fans.

Philadelphia is a town that knows heartbreak/choking well, as we do up in the North.

The team on the other side of the ball knows success, and some defeat. They know how to fight their way through tough games, especially ones that see an upstart underdog.

Going into the AFC Championship game, Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey boldly claimed his team was going to the Super Bowl. For three quarters, it looked like he was right.

But then Tom Brady did Tom Brady things, and that was without Rob Gronkowski.

The Eagles embracing the underdog mantra is fine, but they shouldn’t expect it to carry them to a Super Bowl.

The “neutral” Minnesota fans at the game will make it feel like a true road game for the Eagles, and the Patriots will take advantage.

Final score: New England 28 Philadelphia 17

Thomas Evanella – Sports Staff Writer
Favorite NFL Team: New York Giants

Super Bowl LII presents an ethical and moral quandary unseen to fans of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. How we are to choose between the hated and reprehensible Patriots and the evil Eagles is beyond me. That being said, I must say I do have a soft spot for under-appreciated units, and the Philadelphia defense certainly fits the bill in that respect.

The Eagles ranked No. 4 in both yards and points allowed per game in the regular season and continued their defense tour de force in the playoffs, conceding only 17 points across two games. While their pass defense is fairly middle of the road, it is much more than made up for by their run defense, as they top the NFL, conceding minuscule 79 yards per game on the ground.

The Eagles defensive line is ferocious, with Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Chris Long, and Derek Barnett all tallying greater than five sacks. Philadelphia would be well served taking cues from their rival Giants. The Giants sacked Tom Brady five times in their Super Bowl XLII triumph, a victory in which I still revel. If the Eagles can get home on Pretty Boy Brady more than four times, they will pour salt into the wounds of the Vikings fans in attendance and give the City of Brotherly Love it’s first Lombardi Trophy. Die, Eagles, Die.

Final score: Philadelphia 30 New England 14

Cody Tusler – Sports Staff Writer
Favorite NFL Team: Minnesota Vikings

Over the summer I went to the casino and was sitting a Blackjack table. If you have ever sat at a Blackjack table, you know you always get screwed. Have 17+ hands and still lose. That was happening to me.

With that being said, I had a pair of eights and I split them and got two sixes. So, I now have two hands each consisting an eight and a six, two hands of 14.

I was going to hit one hand and check on the other. The dealer, whose card showing favored me not to hit, and another gentleman at the table were asking me if I want to do that. I finally gave in a checked both hands.

My buddy sitting next to me hit his hand, and it was a four or six, I don’t remember which one. If I did hit I would have had an 18 or 20 hand and I would have had won that hand and made my money back.

Moral of the story is that you can’t think of the stats and take the book, light it on fire, and put it in the metal trash can in the back alley.

I’m going to throw the book away and the Patriots will lose wearing white jerseys. 27-21 Philly Philly!

Final score: Philadelphia 27 New England 21

Grant Gloe – Opinion Writer
Favorite NFL Team: Minnesota Vikings

Now I’ve never been a huge fan of either Super Bowl team. If Eagles fans throwing full beers at Vikings fans and climbing greased streetlights doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will. I envy their crazy in a way.

Between the two teams, however, I actually dislike the Patriots more. They’re no fun and I would’ve loved to see a Jaguars vs Vikings Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, whatever animal Tom Brady has been choosing as his pre-game blood sacrifice must be making his dark lord quite pleased. I think the Patriots ungodly offense gives them the upper hand here, especially if the Eagles throw in the second half like it seems every team does against the Patriots.

Final score: New England 31 Philadelphia 24

Erik Jonasson II – Opinion Editor
Favorite NFL Team: Cleveland Browns

Just gonna point this out, I came the closest in predicting the big game last year so I am bound to be correct this time.
Nick Foles, look for him to have a big day at the snack station at US Bank Stadium. He is going to be buying beer and lutefisk on borrowed money from that second huge contract he is going to get. I expect him to throw down at least five hotdogs, maybe even six. I also expect at least seven beers.
As for Tom Brady, I am predicting that he finally gets his Viagra prescription transferred to the local CVS here in town. I am expecting, three, maybe even four hours of an erection. Basically long enough to make him a non-factor under center at least.
As for the game, I don’t really know or care, whose playing, so I am calling this a win for the Vikings. SKOL Vikes.

Final score: Vikings 4 Browns 3

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