‘Snow Day: Thundar’s Mountain’


While most students used the recent snowstorms as an excuse to skip classes and binge Netflix, one group of computer programming students filled the time creating a new snowboarding video game.

Set in the snow-buried NDSU campus, the game offers players the option to play as either Carson Wentz, Dean Bresciani or Thundar. Each snowboarder has their own stats including a unique NDSU signature move.

Wentz’s specialty is the “Backside Jersey Switch. ” When activated on a jump, Wentz will switch into his Philadelphia Eagles jersey mid-trick.

Dean Bresciani’s move is termed the “Blindside Budget Cut.” Bresciani’s signature move sees him pull out paperwork for further budget cuts while simultaneously snowboarding. All tricks successfully completed while activated will earn double points.

Not too surprisingly Thundar’s move is termed the “Roll Herd Barrelroll Backflip.” During this ambitious trick, lightning fills the sky. Naturally,”Thunderstruck” by AC/DC plays and Thundar holds the NDSU “horns up” hand sign throughout the whole move.

Players board around the snow-covered campus initiating tricks. Want to hone your halfpipe skills? Luckily the doors to Shepherd’s arena have blown in. The arena is not perfectly drifted with snow for gnarly tricks.

Despite the unprecedented snowfall, some classes are still in session and Matbuses are still running. This adds to the gameplay experience, as these features are able to be engaged with. Unless you want a cut in points and an explicit lecture from a disgruntled student, they should be avoided. What I really enjoy about the game is the Matbuses surprisingly. With perfect timing, you can successfully jump from the skyway onto a moving Matbus and butter or jib the top while in motion. True to Matbus dependability, players can even hail a bus and ride it to bonus locations such as Klai or the Barry Hall.

You can find the game available on the NDSU Video Gamers Club MyNDSU page.

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