Singles Slang

If you’re looking for fun, here’s what you need to know

Valentine’s Day can be a time for love, romance and sex. Some of those categories are emphasized more than others, but for all the singles out there, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just another day in the life, here’s some slang to help you identify what kind of booty call you’re after. If a booty call is, in fact, what you’re after.

Smash and Dash: This is good for casual lovers and one-night stands alike. The people involved have some sex and then go their separate ways. This can imply a long-term sexual relationship, like friends with benefits, or a causal encounter.

F— and Chuck: This implies more of a “one-night stand” scenario. You have sex and then rid yourself of the person you just had sex with. Typically, this is a person you don’t really like, but were kind of curious about sexually.

Fun and Run: For when you don’t have time for full on intercourse, but you still want to have some fun. This could be anything from a steamy make out session to some third-base action.

Hang and Bang/Bang and Hang: This is similar to “Netflix and Chill.” This would be a person you don’t mind spending some time with, but you also want to have sex with (but you still want them to leave after a few hours, so they’re definitely not relationship material). There’s sex, but there’s also some time spent just hanging out. Perhaps some talking, or whatever kids do for fun these days.

Boomerang: Have some sex once, then come back later for more. Sleeping with someone and then they come back for more later that same day.

Nut and Cut: Just having some orgasms and continuing about your day. Make sure both of you finish.

Dine and Dash: Just some good ol’ oral sex over here with that snack you’ve been seeing. *wink* Then, of course, get out of there because you two are not a thing, right? RIGHT?

Sex and Sleep: When you’re OK with your partner(s) staying the night and don’t immediately kick them out.

Masturbate and Procrastinate: For the times when you’re too lazy to do literally anything. This one can be done in tandem with someone else or independently.

Squirt and Skirt: Validating the infamous female ejaculation. If you are a female who squirts, fear not, this is the female empowered version of the “Nut and Cut.”

Hump and Dump: When you screw one last time before the end of a relationship.

Disclaimer: None of this should happen without clear and honest communication and consent. Check in with your partner(s) regularly on whether they’re OK with whatever version of a relationship you want, whether that’s a one-night stand, friends with benefits or if you see a future with them. Be honest about your feelings and make sure that all parties are happy in whatever arrangement is agreed upon.

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