Simple Designs Elicit Emotion, Interest in Gallery

This past week, the Memorial Union Gallery opened a show with the latest in modern art. These pieces are piquing the interest of students and community members alike, especially due to their simple colors.

The newest collection in the Memorial Union Gallery features pieces of work that are completely unique to the art world. All the art pieces featured are entirely white.

Modern art has been producing riveting pieces highlighting the simple colors of the visible spectrum. Canvases boasting only blues, greens, and reds have been dominating the art scene lately, and finally, white has taken its place in the galleries.

“The pieces in this show challenge how people view the world around them, and forces us to think in a nonlinear pattern,” said a spokesperson for the Memorial Union Gallery. “Rather than seeing a plain white canvas, we encourage patrons to see a snow-covered field or a perfectly alabaster cloud.”

Not only is the Memorial Union Gallery excited about the newest pieces, but students are intrigued by this fascinating trend as well.

“I used to think that modern art was so simple. Like, I could do it,” said one freshman. “But after seeing the pieces at the Memorial Union, I realize it’s so much more!”

Many people hold the same opinions of this freshman. Modern art often gets criticized for its lack of originality and style. Popular artists like Jack Pollock and Pieter Mondrian are some of the artists who are used as examples in this fight for what the true definition of art is. And now, NDSU is taking its place in the battle.

“Art is a reflection of the individual,” said a faculty member within the division of fine arts. “In this case, the blank canvases are reflecting our students, their souls. Expansive. With so much potential.”

The show will be on view at the Gallery until the end of this semester. It is free and open to the public during regular business hours. It’s unique approach to what some may not consider art makes it a must see this spring semester.

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