Shooting for the Stars, with a Moon Base

The moon, where Elon Musk is planning his temple of doom.

SpaceX shoots for the stars once again. Well, in this case, it’s actually our very own moon.

Yep, Luna is getting a facelift as Tesla CEO and SpaceX pioneer Elon Musk plans to build a community on the moon. Construction is planned to begin by 2030 with the help of NASA and a plea for government funding. 

Musk has already begun preparation for travel to the moon. Late next year, he plans to take two people on a fly around the moon through a Gatorade promotional campaign. 

“Tourism plays a large part in the future of human colonization,” Musk said Wednesday afternoon.

While efforts will be made to make space exploration more affordable, estimates for the trip to the moon alone are nearing $1.7 million. Which is far less than his proposed attempt to colonize a mysterious city called Detroit, Michigan. Which only costs $29. 

Elon Musk has several projects already in the works on Earth, which he hopes will contribute to his lunar paradise. The most important are arguably the solar powered roofs designed by Tesla Solar. Musk already hopes to make them more affordable than tile roofs and may yet use them to power his moon community.

He also is pushing for underground tunnels to relieve traffic, which may work towards a tunnel system across the moon. His TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) has already dug a test trench in LA and will continue to improve tunneling efficiency.

Hoping to maintain an initial population of 1,200, Musk will be making an effort to select who can and cannot travel to the moon to live and work. Everyone must be screened and trained to live in space. As not to let in the wrong clientele, the idea of a wall was briefly tinkered with. 

Unfortunately, the vacuum of space was considered too easy to tunnel through. No, Musk will be creating startup programs with the cooperation of NASA that will mass produce space-worthy candidates. Think of it like an astronaut puppy mill. Again, NASA will beg for funding. 

I know the idea of moving to the final frontier may be scary at first, but at least Elon Musk is man enough brave the cold. Not to mention the undeniable tactical advantage of launching solar-powered nuclear missiles from the surface of the moon towards definitely not Russia. Tesla is a nuclear superpower thanks to Moon Emperor Musk.

I think we should all face the future with the same sense of adventure and determination. Also, we need more funding. 

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