Scandinavian Buffet

NDSU Catering event feeds hundreds of people

My plate filled to the brim with the food offered at the Scandinavian Buffet.

The 44th annual Scandinavian Buffet took place on Jan. 25 in the Prairie Rose Ballroom. The buffet is known to many as an event to reconnect with people’s heritage and to introduce more people to food that was once a staple in many homes in the Midwest.

The NDSU Catering staff shared with me that, “20 pounds of pickled herring, 36 pounds of butter, 100 pounds of lutefisk, 100 pounds of torsk, 16 quarts of sour cream and approximately 80 pounds of meatballs” were made in preparation for the event.

419 people attended this year’s event, one thing new that was implemented this year was “an online ordering system to better streamline the ordering process.”

Judith Perret, the Manager of Catering, replied in an email stating, “dining staff looks forward to it every year, along with the many folks that have been attending the event for quite some time.”

Looking around the room I could tell people were enjoying their meal with help from the projector screen showcasing photos of Norway and other Scandinavian countries. A lady who sat by me informed me that the buffet made her feel “closer to her grandmother who has since passed away.”

Overall, the buffet seems to always be a success and invites hundreds of people to the Memorial Union who wouldn’t normally be the ones walking around campus on a daily basis.

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