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Saying Farewell to NDSU

I was so ready to be done. I had watched the first North Dakota State FCS championship. I had only a few months before I would run off to college with my high school sweetheart where everything would be so much easier and life would be perfect.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

College is hard, life gets twice as difficult and social pressures come from all directions. And if you read my article about my suffering of depression earlier this school year, I’ve been through emotional roller coasters.

I would love to forget some of the downs, but I’m coming to realize this roller coaster has been a fun ride for a lot of different reasons.

One of those being watching NDSU sports and getting to know the athletes here.

I remember writing my first article for The Spectrum about what my expectations were for NDSU athletics as an incoming freshman. I basically hoped for one thing: an involved sports community.

I got my wish tenfold. Some of the greatest memories I’ve had in college have been standing in line for six hours for Bison football games with Jordan Steffan. I’ve had a fun time talking to athletes and fans covering sports here with Sam Herder, Jonathan Lee and Joe Kerlin. Some of the road trips to football games will be times I’ll always remember.

I’ve talked to way too many NDSU athletes and coaches who will be in the Bison Hall of Fame someday to count. Most, if not all, of these people are not only elite performers but great people to talk to.

I recognized people don’t go to NDSU strictly to watch sports, but man, is it an added bonus. My favorite part of NDSU athletic events are not even watching the events themselves. It’s the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve developed because of football and basketball games. It’s the conversations I’ve started in random public places with random people wearing green and yellow.

If people ever ask me why I love sports, especially NDSU sports, it’s a complicated answer. There are way too many good reasons.

And these people definitely don’t understand if I sum it all up and reply with “Good people.”

That’s understandable. It’s not easy to comprehend if you’re not a hardcore sports fan. It’s harder to understand since it’s NDSU sports. It’s Bison Nation. The titles. The athletes. The people.

Good people.

As I’m writing this, I have five more college classes to go. I can’t fit into this entire newspaper my reasoning for how excited I am to be done with school for good. I’ve fit four-plus years of school into a three-year span, and I’ve got a great full-time job ready to go when I’m done.

I’ve worked my butt off to get to this point. I had far from a normal and fun college experience. Most of my nights were spent working away, dreaming of when I would be done.

But I wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for the good people.

My best friends here like Caleb Werness, Addison Czeck, Jon Lipp, Adam Baer and Lindsey Miller have gotten me through rough times. Extremely rough times.

And it wouldn’t be a year at NDSU if it weren’t for random run-ins with Taylor “Crazy T” Peterson.

Lastly, here’s a quick shout-out to my fellow Spectrum co-workers. I’ve enjoyed my time so much with these people, everyone from Travis “Grandpa” Jones to Erica “How am I supposed to edit this when I know nothing about sports?” Nitschke.

Except Ben Norman. I’m glad to have him out of my hair.

Lastly, this NDSU sports community should look to The Spectrum for news now more than ever because Pace Maier will be moving into this job. He’s been writing sports for the past three years and is going to do extremely well.

They’re all good people. And if there’s one tradition that’s going to stay alive here and at NDSU, it’s that of good people.

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