chuck and chaka

Safety, Technology Highlight Chuck & Chaka Campaign

chuck and chaka
Tyler Losinski and Charles Steinberger are running for student body president and VP.

They call themselves the blue-collar ticket.

Tyler Losinski and Charles Steinberger, also known around campus as Chuck and Chaka, respectively, are one of the four tickets for North Dakota State student body president and vice president.

Losinski is a junior majoring in computer science. Steinberger is a junior majoring in agribusiness.

The Chuck & Chaka campaign focuses on three points: safety, technology and student focus.


The first focus of Losinski and Steinberger’s campaign point on safety is improving lighting around campus.

Steinberger said he walked from the Mathew Living Learning Center to Niskanen in fall 2015 in darkness.

“I feel like if something would have happened I could have defended myself, but I’m not so sure about other people,” Steinberger said.

Losinski said rape is another thing that they wish to prevent on campus, citing the current Clothesline Project exhibit in the MU Gallery about rape.

Steinberger said the campus emergency notification system should also be improved, saying students have told him there should have been an emergency text during the Feb. 10-11 standoff in downtown Fargo in which Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer was shot and killed.

“It’s better to have something over-utilized and then compared to something underutilized,” Steinberger said.


Losinski, a computer science major, said he has an advantage with technology systems around campus.

“I cannot tell you the number of student’s who I’ve heard say that the Wi-Fi is just the worst thing in the world,” Losinski said.

Losinski added he would like to see the campus Wi-Fi be improved or worked on in the direction of being improved.

Another concern for Losinski and Steinberger regarding technology would be campus printing.

Losinski said the two would like to see the ability for students to connect their own computer to a campus printer become available, so students “don’t have to wait forever for a computer to be available to print stuff.”

Software availability, Losinski said, is also a concern. He said he wishes that students were more aware of all the free software available to them, as he did not know of the “hundreds of thousands of dollars of software” he could get for free until he was a sophomore.

Steinberger said that Mac-friendliness is a final technological concern.

“I couldn’t connect my computer to the printing because it didn’t work with Mac,” Steinberger said, adding that he wanted to make sure that students do not get left behind just because they have an Apple product.

Student focus

Neither Losinski or Steinberger are a part of Greek life, which they say offers opportunities to increase outreach to students who aren’t either.

One example to improve outreach to non-Greek students would be to contact resident halls’ hall governments, the duo said, as most freshmen do not know who their student senators are.

Hosting a student government barbecue is another idea, Steinberger and Losinski said, hoping to get students to know their student senators so that they do not have to go into the student government office with a concern while unaware of who their senators are.

Election 2016

“It’s been a good time,” Losinski said about his current campaign for student body president.

The pair said they were enjoying themselves, though they did not have the resources that other campaigns have.

Steinberger said they are making the most out of what they have, which includes word-of-mouth, Facebook sharing and a cage they had in Memorial Union.

On the length of campaign time, Losinski said that “there’s some serious voter fatigue,” adding that voters after two weeks say things along the lines of, “I have twenty of your buttons, I don’t need anymore of these buttons.”

Steinberger added students should “get interested in the candidates and find one you like and vote for them.”

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