Cycle Safe

The University Police and Safety Office want all cyclists to be safe.

The UPSO issued a message via listserv to NDSU students, staff and faculty Monday outlining safe cycling practices.

An efficient and healthy mode of transportation, bicycles are a popular choice among students.

North Dakota State sophomore Erin Ehlis said she rides a bicycle on campus at least once a day and that she rarely worries about personal safety.

“Using my bike on campus has helped tremendously, whether it be getting to class on time by beating student traffic, biking back from the wellness center late at night or running across campus for a quick errand,” Ehlis said.

However, university police stress the importance of bicycle safety to protect cyclists from the occasional harmful scenario.

With heavy pedestrian traffic as well as passing vehicles on campus roadways, a cyclist’s understanding of their responsibilities is crucial.

University Police and Safety Office chief William Vandal said that cyclists have to follow the same rules of the road as drivers of motor vehicles.

“Remember to wear a helmet at all times; obey all traffic laws, signs and signals; keep to the right; keep brakes, lights, and reflectors in good working condition; slow down at intersections; and dismount and walk across dangerous intersections or streets,” Vandal said.

The UPSO said that failure to obey traffic-control devices, such as stop signs and failure to yield to pedestrians to be among the most common traffic ordinances violated by cyclists.

To prevent theft of bicycles, it is recommended that owners properly secure bikes to designated bicycle racks with a steel cable or chain.

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