‘Rick and Morty’ featuring Michael Bay

Our favorite show is back finally.

“Rick and Morty” season two came to an end, Oct. 4, 2015. Fast forward to April Fools day of this year and you have a new episode.

There was just no way this episode could have lived up to the hype.

I got sick and tired of the gunshots. I got sick and tired of having to take notes to understand everything that was happening and, frankly, I want more.

Luckily there will be more, maybe even 100 seasons more according to Rick?

Either way, this episode just seemed to offer too much. After season two’s finale, it makes sense. There was a lot of tie up. Still, the amount of stuff that happened made it exactly that. Stuff.

I don’t care about Jerry and Beth and that has been something that has been a focal point for so long. To have a main character just poof, leave, should leave me caring more. For goodness sake, Jerry has been a major character. From daycare to his love affair with Sleepy Gary and his love for Beth in the form of providing her an opportunity to save a deer’s life.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode was good, but fan-boys and girls let us not crown this as one of the best episodes.

I am fine with sci-fi mumbo jumbo and quirky space gun fights, but this isn’t what I want for 22 minutes of run time.

There was nothing special really. Sure there were bangs and deaths and a divorce, but this was just a way to wrap up loose ends from last season.

No, this first episode was nice and it was useful. But I would assume that the rest of the season will follow a much better pattern. Episodes that don’t seek to shock and awe, but rather provide amazing story telling and other Rick and Mortyisms.

This was a necessary episode that answered questions, plain and simple. Now I’m ready for the next episode.


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