Reviewing Trump’s First Month in Office

It’s been a little over a month since President Trump has been in office, and he’s barely done anything. I know, give him a break — it has only been a little over a month.

During President Obama’s first month in office, a great deal of progress was evident. President Trump promised Americans a long list of things, but one month into his presidency, he has already shown how much of a precarious leader he is.

I’ve compiled a list of things that describe the President’s first month in a nutshell.

1. Travel ban

President Trump signed a controversial executive order that banned citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya) from entering the country for 90 days. It has since been overturned and Trump has lost three consecutive appeals.

2. Trump’s administration

Just one month into his presidency, President Trump has already parted ways with both acting Attorney General Sally Yates (fired) and his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (resigned). Several other members of Trump’s administration have either been fired for criticizing his ideas or resigned.

3. Media

President Trump has been a tremendous critic of the media. He insists that the “fake media” is damaging his reputation and “is the enemy of the American people.” As a person who frequently follows the media, I sometimes wonder if I’m exposed to fake media.

Facts, though, aren’t fake. Something Trump seems to not understand.

4. Russia

President Trump continues to deny that Russia did not play a role in his winning the election. There is sufficient evidence that shows communication between Trump’s administration and Russian intelligence officials.

5. Twitter fingers

With nearly 35,000 tweets, it’s obvious how much of a Twitter fanatic the president is. Many of his criticisms, claims and crying can be found on his Twitter feed. You can also find some whining.

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