Review: The utopia of ‘Somewhere City’

Late night fast food, Dr. Pepper and an amusement park called 666 Flags delight and thrill in debut LP

There is something in the air in Somewhere City.

Water cups are filled with Dr. Pepper, Danny Phantom is always on TV and there are theme parks on almost every corner in Somewhere City. At least that is what the brochure and special album release website claim.

Origami Angel created a whole world, or more specifically, a city, around their debut full–length album “Somewhere City”; released on Chatterbox Records on November 15.

A band from the greater Washington, D.C. area, Origami Angel are a beloved alternative duo comprised of Ryland Heagy on guitar/vocals and Pat Doherty behind the drums.

’24 Hr Drive-Thru’

Fill your cup full of this sweet pop-punk flavored tune about comforting a friend when they are feeling down. This song is equivalent to your favorite french fries: soft, warm and a little crunchy.

An anthemic song sprinkled with the familiar seasoning of 2000s alternative, the song is proof that even small gestures can have a profound effect.

The imagery in “24 Hr Drive-Thru” is sure to conjure up memories of late night trips to McDonald’s with friends: “All you need to do is call me/ and I’ll take Kenilworth avenue to 193/ and we can get fries under dark stormy skies/ and blow the thunder and lightning away.”

‘Doctor Whomst’

Despite the track taking its name from the Doctor Who meme, the song isn’t about the popular British franchise. Instead, it is a sunny tune about making peace with yourself and finding happiness.

“Oh my god I feel just how I used to feel/ watching Danny Phantom eating Happy Meals/ every night at seven watch my favorite shows/ never really worried bout the to and fro’s of the way life goes,” the lyrics enthusiastically claim.

Packed with lightning-fast runs and upbeat lyrics, “Doctor Whomst” continually evolves. The song even includes a heavy metal breakdown that would make the likes of Megadeth and Black Sabbath proud.

The track ends with a quote from Scotty of the original Star Trek series, “Laddy, don’t you think you should rephrase that?”

‘The Title Track’

“The Title Track” is reminiscent of the theme song of a sitcom, with some Origami Angel flourishes, of course. With idyllic lyrics and bursts of heavy metal instrumentals, almost as if two radio stations are overlapping, fighting for control, this song is memorable.

‘The Air Up Here’

The album is bookended by two songs that share a riff, the end track being “The Air Up Here.” As with the entire album, Origami Angel shows a keen ear for dynamics, the track switching from loud and active to quiet and delicate.

The song is about finding a place to belong, in this case, Somewhere City. Lyrics from all of the previous tracks are expertly arranged in choral rounds as if all the memories of the town are flooding your head. The track ends after fading into the familiar riff from the opening track “Welcome to…”

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