Review: ‘The Silence’

Netflix drops the ball on another apocalyptic film

A good idea, but poorly executed.

Some may call it Netflix’s version of “A Quiet Place,” but I call it garbage.

“The Silence” is a Netflix Original and released April 10. Given the cast and premise, I expected a good movie featuring a new spin on a post-apocalyptic world, but my expectations were hardly met.

With Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka as the featured actors, I was hoping for good things, but the film just brought them down.

In hindsight, the story was unique, but just not executed well.

A species of “bats” thought to be extinct were released from a cave being excavated, and now they are hungry for anyone who makes noise. Therefore, staying silent is the key to survival.

This is perfect for the Andrews family because they had to adjust their lifestyle after Ally (Shipka) was in a car accident in which she lost both her grandparents and her hearing.

It was evident that the budget for the film wasn’t exceptional when 20 minutes in another starring actor was killed off (John Corbett playing Uncle Glenn), and from there on out, it was just the Andrews family fleeing to the farmside.

Obviously, they couldn’t afford to pay the former “Sex and the City” actor to stick around long enough to have a backstory.

The title of the film is what you can expect to get when you watch it —silence. Given that staying quiet is part of the plot, there isn’t much dialogue.

Throughout the film, the CGI was poor and wasn’t even close to looking real.

Not only were the visual effects abysmal, but the storyline was far too dramatic at parts given the circumstances, making me cringe from the awkwardness.

The movie could have been better, which is unfortunate.

Maybe Tucci and Shipka can make a spin-off.

Oh, and spoiler alert: there’s a dog, and it dies, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise since the dog always dies.

“The Silence” gets 1/5 stars from me for the unique and interesting plot, but it fell short in its execution.

Sorry Netflix, maybe you’ll get an apocalyptic film right one day.

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