Review: ‘The OA’

Potential spoilers below. Be warned.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they believe in the impossible.

Where things like ghosts, wizards, vampires or another dimensions suddenly become plausible. May it be after rereading the Harry Potter series, indulging in greek mythology or, in my case, binge-watching Netflix’s new series “The OA.” 

“The OA” is a Netflix original series about a woman named Prairie who goes missing and returns with enticing stories of her time away.

But a shift in attitude and personality aren’t the only thing that has changed in her time away. Previously blind, Prairie returns with her sight. This intense mystery follows her tales of captivity and explores the possibility of another dimension.

Now, like most people with a love for fantasy worlds and sci-fi thrillers, I was wary as I began my venture into this strange show.

The plot line takes a different path than normal television series, but knowing how Netflix tends to approach a story I kept watching.

Boy, was I pleased. This story kept me on the edge of my seat (bed) as I went from one-hour long episode to the next. There are only eight episodes in the series and it was most definitely not enough exposure to this strange world that “The OA” has created.

As you dive head first into the strange and confusing lives of the main characters you will find yourself imaging if the story were to be true. Is a life after our life possible?

Can we come back from a near death experience with memories of this different dimension? Yes, there have been stories told about that conversation with an angel or the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Have we really truly allowed ourselves to believe that such a thing is possible? Becoming immersed in a show like “The OA” makes you wonder.

What else is really out there?



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